Henri Young
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Henri Young (Character)
from Murder in the First (1995)

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Murder in the First (1995)
James Stamphill: Did you kill Rufus McCain?
Henri Young: I was the weapon, but I ain't no killer.

James Stamphill: How do you think the Yankees will do against the Redskins this year?
Henri Young: The Yankees are a baseball team. The Redskins are a football team. Personally, I think the Redskins would kick the shit out of them.

James Stamphill: I will ask you what I want to ask you.
Henri Young: And I answer what I want to answer.
James Stamphill: Fine.
Henri Young: Fine.

Henri Young: Action - I won. Reaction - you can't ever take that away from me.

Milton Glenn: ln life for every action there is a definite and distinct reaction. Action
[cuts his hand with his razor]
Milton Glenn: ... reaction
[we see the blood dripping from the hand]
Milton Glenn: .
Henri Young: Yes, Mr. Glenn.
Milton Glenn: Now, if you escape, action: l lose my job... Reaction: l have a family that l will not be able to provide for! Now, knowing this information, can you tell me why you would possibly want to escape and jeopardize my family? l've done nothing to you but my job. And instead of letting you learn by breaking the rules, l feel l need to show you how to obey them. Tolerance. Tolerance for pain. My tolerance of you. But tolerance can be mistaken for kindness. And kindness can be mistaken for weakness. And we can't have weakness, can we, Henri?

James Stamphill: [murder conviction looming] Mister Young, we have *got* to talk. Would you like a cigarette?
Henri Young: No thanks, that shit'll kill ya.

Henri Young: I got nothin'. I got nobody. I don't need a lawyer, I need a friend.

Henri Young: Hey, you wanna do something for me? Let's play cards...

Henri Young: Mr. Young, I am not here to satisfy any sexual fantasies that you might have.
[said by the female attorney]
Henri Young: You're not?
Milton Glenn: No, I'm your attorney.
[said by the female attorney]

Henri Young: I wanna stop being afraid.

Henri Young: I won. "Reaction." You can't ever take that away from me.
Milton Glenn: Take him to the hole.