"Preacher" Cast on the Journey to the Finale

by IMDb-Contributing-Writers | last updated - 28 Jul 2016

In time for the "Preacher" finale, IMDb caught up with Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga to get their take on the road that Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy have traveled in the first season and where it may all lead. — Carita Rizzo

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Joseph Gilgun, Dominic Cooper, and Ruth Negga in Preacher: Pilot (2016)

As the first season of "Preacher" nears its end, we gear up for an encounter with the almighty himself. Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), his ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare (Ruth Negga), and the their slightly singed vampire buddy Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) are together again. With just one episode to go, the trio is ready to receive some much needed answers. Their journey has been long, and some worthy adversaries remain. Will DeBlanc (Anatol Yusef) return from Hell to keep the three from reaching God? Or will Odin Quincannon (Jackie Earl Haley) destroy Jesse first?

Dominic Cooper in Preacher (2016)

Dominic Cooper on Jesse’s Motives in Season 1

"He's a man desperate to change himself and make himself a better person. And he thinks he's the chosen one. He thinks he can still do good," says Cooper. "But the truth is, power on that scale is very dangerous. The fact that he’s capable of having this entity inhabit him and remain there means that to me, he's half evil and half good. He's had a tough life. He's struggling. And he's desperately trying to prove himself."

Ruth Negga in Preacher (2016)

Ruth Negga on What Drives Tulip

"For me, she’s not really aggressive just for the sake of violence. I think that it’s an armor of sorts for her to protect herself. But also, she has a really pure sense of justice. And I think that's evident throughout the series," says Negga. "And also, she rehabilitates Cassidy. It's for her. She can't bear the idea that there is so much injustice in society. And I think that stems from her childhood. There's a personal quest here."

Dominic Cooper in Preacher (2016)

Dominic Cooper on Observing Jesse’s Journey as a Viewer

"As I'm watching it, it's different than what I'd imagined. I’m much less sympathetic towards him, and I wonder why these people stand by him when he's violent. But I think he's sort of reached a place of reflection where I think he has established that he’s no good with his power. He’s not the one who should use it," says Cooper. "Now, he knows the next part of the journey, together with these people that he’s met and he loves, is in search of answers -- because God owes him more answers. That's what he's in search of at the end."

Dominic Cooper in Preacher: Pilot (2016)

Dominic Cooper on Jesse’s Evolution and What Awaits

"He began as quite heavy, depressed, stuck in the past. I think you start to see him come out of that. And he has a purpose, which he probably never really had before, apart from violence and crime," says Cooper. "He's with the girl he loves, and he made a new friend. And they're going on the road. I hope that people are left excited and compelled by what may happen once these three go searching for this thing. I won’t say what it is ... "

Ruth Negga in Preacher (2016)

Ruth Negga on the Purpose of Their Journey

"What's interesting is [Jesse is] running away from his past and trying to find himself. I think he's actually running away from himself. And I think that that's the kind of journey that he’s used to. But he realizes that making that you can’t outrun your true nature. Maybe that's the battle."