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Adam Cooper (I) (Actor, Billy Elliot (2000))
Adam Cooper (IV) (Writer, Allegiant (2016))
Adam Cooper (IX) (Actor, Blue Heelers (1994))
Adam Cooper (VI) (Producer, 9/11 Memorial from Ground Zero (2003))
Adam Cooper (XVI) (Writer, Five Windows (2015))
Adam Cooper (VII) (Producer, So You Think You Can Dance (2005))
Adam Cooper (XXX) (Miscellaneous, Scams Incorporated (2016))
Adam Cooper (XII) (Editorial Department, Not Here, Not There (2009))
Adam Cooper (X) (Producer, Jesse (2011))
Adam Cooper (XXIV) (Cinematographer, Ending (2018))
Adam Cooper (V) (Actor, Box Head Revolution (2002))
Adam Cooper (XXXI) (Miscellaneous, A Place in Hell (2015))
Adam Cooper (XX) (Cinematographer, The Ray-Gun: A Love Story (2014))
Adam Cooper (XIV) (Editor, Model No. Human (2016))
Adam Cooper (XV) (Sound Department, 1000 Könige )
Adam Cooper (XVIII)
Adam Cooper (XXIII) (Miscellaneous, Rush (2013))
Adam Cooper (XXII) (Director, Following Yago (2003))
Adam Cooper (XXVI) (Camera Department, Stationery (2015))
Adam Cooper (XXIX) (Cinematographer, Fuera de servicio (1996))
Adam Cooper (XXXII)
Adam Cooper (II) (Camera Department, Batman (1989))
Adam Cooper (XXXIII) (Camera Department, Marcellas (2017))
Adam Cooper (XVII) (Camera Department, Disconnect (2014))
Adam Cooper (XXVII) (Actor, 16/03 (2017))
Adam Cooper (XXVIII) (Actor, Sick (2015))
Adam Cooper (XXXV) (Art Department, ABC World News Tonight with David Muir (1953))
Adam Cooper (XXXIV) (Producer, Nunsensations! - The Nunsense Vegas Revue (2007))
Adam Cooper (VIII) (Actor, So-Called Friends (1997))
Adam Cooper (III) (Camera Department, Alien³ (1992))
Adam Cooper (XIX) (Writer, Strife (2016))
Adam Cooper (XIII) (Miscellaneous, Descent (2007))
Adam Cooper (XXV)
Adam Cooper (XXI) (Cinematographer, In Glen Urquhart (2014))
Sam Cooper (I) (Actor, Crocodile Dundee II (1988))
Sam Cooper (XXXII) (Actor, After Curfew (2017))
Miriam Cooper (I) (Actress, Serenade (1921))
Sam Cooper (VII) (Actor, Rise: Blood Hunter (2007))
Sam Cooper (V) (Editor, Black Coat Mob (2012))
Sam Cooper (XXX) (Actor, Whiteboard (2014))
Sam Cooper (XXXVIII) (Self, Vancouver: No Fixed Address (2017))
Sam Cooper (XXVII) (Visual Effects, Spectral (2016))
Sam Cooper (XXI) (Animation Department, All.I.Can. (2011))
Pam Cooper (V) (Make Up Department, The Haunting of Pearson Place (2014))
Sam Cooper (VIII) (Miscellaneous, One Special Victory (1991))
Tam Cooper (Composer, Sophie's World (1997))
Sam Cooper (IV) (Stunts, Gridlock (1980))
Pam Cooper (IV) (Camera Department, The Tower (2010))
Sam Cooper (VI) (Visual Effects, I Am... (2005))
Sam Cooper (XXVI) (Composer, Black Jeans Whoa (2015))
Sam Cooper (XXIX) (Actor, Releasing Eurydice (2016))
Sam Cooper (XIV) (Camera Department, Anna (2010))
Sam Cooper (XXXIII) (Miscellaneous, Devil's Work (2016))
Sam Cooper (XXIII) (Actor, Back in 2 Mins (2015))
A.M. Cooper (I) (Director, Heartlight (2012))
Sam Cooper (XX) (Actor, Unicornucopia (2012))
Sam Cooper (XXV) (Miscellaneous, BattleBots (2015))
Sam Cooper (XVIII) (Composer, Maisie (2012))
Sam Cooper (II) (Camera Department, 240-Robert (1979))
Pam Cooper (I) (Actress, Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy (1982))
A.M. Cooper (II) (Actress, Just Killing Time (2016))
Sam Cooper (XVII) (Camera Department, Rubbish (2012))
Sam Cooper (IX) (Music Department, Coup de Grace (2009))
Sam Cooper (XXXVI) (Actor, Treat the Therapist (2013))
Sam Cooper (XIX) (Actor, Tependris Rising (2012))
Sam Cooper (XXXV) (Actor, Quacks (2017))
Pam Cooper (VII) (Self, Good Eats (1999))
Sam Cooper (XVI) (Composer, Maisie (2012))
Sam Cooper (XXII) (Editor, When Life Gives You Lemons (2015))
Sam Cooper (XXXIV) (Self, Forensic Files (1996))
Pam Cooper (III) (Miscellaneous, The Playdate (2010))
Sam Cooper (XI) (Writer, The Young Riders (1989))
Sam Cooper (XIII) (Self, Durch die Nacht mit... (2002))
Sam Cooper (XII) (Transportation Department, Losin' It (1983))
Sam Cooper (X) (Sound Department, Alien: Isolation (2014))
Sam Cooper (XXXI)
Pam Cooper (II) (Actress, A Modest Proposal (2005))
Sam Cooper (XXIV) (Actor, Drop Dead Gory (2014))
Pam Cooper (VI) (Actress, Urban Legends (2007))
Sam Cooper (XV) (Composer, Bag Tax (2011))
Sam Cooper (XXVIII) (Actor, Dear Daisy (2015))
Adam G. Cooper
Adam Cooper Jones (Miscellaneous, Churchill's Bodyguard (2005))
Daniel And Adam Cooper (Writer, L.U.C.K. (2012))
Graham Cooper (I) (Producer, Tankies: Tank Heroes of World War II (2013))
Graham Cooper (III) (Writer, The Next Town Over (2017))
Liam Cooper (I) (Actor, Rh11 (2010))
Liam Cooper (IV) (Self, Football League Tonight (2015))
Miriam Cooper (IV) (Miscellaneous, The Children Who Cheated the Nazis (2000))
Liam Cooper (II) (Actor, Ancient Discoveries (2003))
Wiliam Cooper (Actor, I Am Soldier (2014))
Liam Cooper (III) (Camera Department, United World (2015))
Graham Cooper (II) (Camera Department, Kingswood Country (1980))
Miriam Cooper (III) (Actress, The Block (2015))
Miriam Cooper (II) (Miscellaneous, TV Eye (1978))
Graham Cooper (V)
Graham Cooper (IV)
Liam Cooper (V) (Set Decorator, The Manor (2017))
Brenda M. Cooper (Art Director, That's Livin': The Zora Neale Hurston Story (2008))
Rhonda M. Cooper (Producer, Professional Development (2011))
William Cooper (V) (Actor, Saddle Up with Dick Wrangler & Injun Joe (2009))
William Cooper (XI)
Milton William Cooper (Self, 1999: The Lost Story - Tailing the Millennium (2014))
William Cooper (VIII) (Cinematographer, Co-Ed Campfire Carnage (2013))
William Cooper (XIX) (Actor, Erotica Island (2001))
William Cooper (XII) (Composer, Raymond Taylor's Earnest Adventure in Love (2013))
William Cooper (XIII) (Actor, Tape Me: Reel 6 (2013))
William Cooper (XVII) (Costume Department, SFX Retaliator (1987))
William Cooper (XIV) (Camera Department, Structures (1998))
William Cooper (X) (Music Department, The Devils Door (2016))
Meryl Pam Cooper (Actress, Harmagedon: Genma taisen (1983))
Joshua M. Cooper (Miscellaneous, Call to Fly (2005))
William Cooper (XV) (Actor, Out and About: The Movie Las Vegas (2011))
William Cooper (III) (Writer, You Can't Win (1966))
William Cooper (I) (Sound Department, Assault on Precinct 13 (1976))
William Cooper (XVIII) (Self, Siskel & Ebert (1986))
William Cooper (VI) (Producer, Shark U (2010))
Anna Oldham Cooper (Costume Designer, The Last Man (2014))
Noam Cooperstock (Camera Department, Big Time Rush (2009))
William Cooper (IV) (Visual Effects, Snatch 'n' Grab (2010))
William Cooper (II) (Editor, Signs and Voices (2004))
William Cooper (IX) (Art Director, Courage (2013))
William Cooper Smith (Cinematographer, The Dice Woman (1926))
Anna Oldham-Cooper (Costume Department, Black Sea (2014))
Abraham Cooper (Thanks, Never Surrender: The Ed Ramsey Story (2016))
William Cooper (XX) (Producer, Colorado Inside Out (1981))
William Cooper (VII) (Camera Department, Werebitches (2010))
Rushia M. Cooper (Actress, Mary Proud (2006))
William Cooper (XVI) (Actor, Protecting the Family (2015))
Miryam Coopersmith (Actress, Blue's Clues (1996))
Adam Russell-Cooper (Producer, The Brothel (2013))
Adam Ashley-Cooper (Self, Dancing with the Stars (2004))
Adam John Cooper (Actor, Stingers (1998))
aka "Adam Cooper"
Vincent William Cooper (Actor, The Lives of Hamilton Fish (2013))
William Cooper Barnett (Camera Department, The Last Time (2006))