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Gil Birmingham (Actor, Twilight (2008))
Jennifer Birmingham Lee (Actress, All the Gear: No Idea! (2005))
Mark Birmingham (I) (Miscellaneous, Batman Begins (2005))
Ed Birmingham (Actor, Buffalo Heart (1996))
Mr. Birmingham (Self, Open Door (1973))
John Birmingham (II) (Actor, Crazy Animal (2007))
Michael Birmingham (Producer, Crazy Animal (2007))
Karl Birmingham (Actor, Frisk (1995))
Paul Birmingham (Miscellaneous, Sex, Lies & Soaps (2006))
Carol Birmingham-Fox (Art Department, Shortly to Go (2017))
Caity Birmingham (Production Designer, Documentary Now! (2015))
Duncan Birmingham (Producer, Maron (2013))
Hilary Birmingham (Producer, Tully (2000))
Billy Birmingham (Actor, Blinky Bill the Movie (2015))
Todd Birmingham (Actor, The Summer Monster (2011))
Andy Birmingham (Miscellaneous, Troy (2004))
Elise Birmingham (I) (Actress, A Stranger Within (2009))
Chad Birmingham (Music Department, Thank You for Your Service (2017))
Nic Birmingham (Visual Effects, Batman Begins (2005))
Laurie Birmingham (Actress, How to Not Kill Everyone (2009))
Cheryl Birminghan (Self, Joni and Friends (2007))
Patrick Birmingham (Stunts, The Test (2017))
Gary Birmingham (Transportation Department, The Dark Knight Rises (2012))
Carolyn Birmingham (Miscellaneous, Odyssey of Life (1996))
Jack Birmingham (Actor, Finding Neverland (2004))
Oliver Birmingham (Actor, Iridescence (2017))
Benjamin Paul Birmingham (Actor, Improvising (2013))
Robert Birmingham (III) (Miscellaneous, Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey (1996))
Harry Birmingham (Actor, Butch Minds the Baby (1979))
Jamie Birmingham (Actor, HotRod: The Movie (2004))
John Birmingham (III) (Self, Country and Western Hour (1963))
Simon Birmingham (Self, Q&A (2008))
McKenna Birmingham (Self, Pathways 5 (2014))
Rob Birmingham
Jeff Birmingham (Sound Department, Hyde (2012))
Ian Birmingham (Actor, Pillow Wars (2008))
Rowan Birmingham (Actor, Rednecks (2017))
John Birmingham (IV)
Katie Birmingham (Actress, London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony: Isles of Wonder (2012))
Lindsey Birmingham
David Birmingham (I) (Transportation Department, My Life So Far (1999))
Danny Birmingham (Actor, Billy (2009))
Shane Birmingham (Actor, The Pillowman (2011))
Micaela Birmingham (Producer, Imagine New York (2003))
Lottie Birmingham (Miscellaneous, Les Misérables (2012))
Mark Birmingham (II) (Music Department, Made in Heaven (1987))
Birmingham Temple
Joshua Birmingham (Actor, Fighting Wild (2017))
Jonathan Birmingham (Self, The Odyssey (2016))
John Birmingham (I) (Writer, He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001))
Susan Birmingham (Actress, I-Be Area (2007))
Ava Birmingham (Actress, The Pillowman (2011))
Jim Birmingham (I)
Natalie Birmingham (Actor, The Summer Monster (2011))
Marilyn Birmingham (I)
Bishop of Birmingham
Wayne Birmingham (Camera Department, The Ray Bradbury Theater (1985))
Jennifer Birmingham (III) (Self, Chorus and Principals on Stage Please: The Making of Lakme (1976))
Toni Birmingham (Actress, Mike and Michael (2009))
Anna Birmingham (Actress, Green Day: Stray Heart (2012))
Brian Birmingham (I) (Writer, Billy (2009))
Kerry Birmingham (Actress, High School (2010))
Lindsay Birmingham (Visual Effects, The Chronicles of Riddick (2004))
Rick Birmingham (Editorial Department, Reading Rainbow (1983))
Robert Birmingham (II) (Actor, The Remarkable Case of Mr. Bruhl (1955))
Darren Birmingham (Self, The Route Masters: Running London's Roads (2013))
Sarah Birmingham (Art Department, Tully (2000))
Connie Birmingham
Kaka Birmingham (Actor, Scrape (2013))
John Birmingham (VI) (Miscellaneous, Butch Minds the Baby (1979))
Scott Birmingham (Director, A Game of Pool (2009))
Kathleen Birmingham (Actor, The Summer Monster (2011))
Bryce Birmingham
Mary Birmingham
Tim Birmingham (Costume Department, City Limits (1984))
Aubrey Birmingham (Actress, The Pillowman (2011))
Megan Birmingham (Composer, ...The Making of... (2003))
Brenton Birmingham (Actor, Game Day (1999))
George A. Birmingham (Writer, General John Regan (1933))
Rebecca Birmingham
Ollie Birmingham (Transportation Department, The Honourable Rebel (2015))
Decori Birmingham (Self, 2002 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl (2002))
Zoia Birmingham (Self, Strictly Ice Dancing (2004))
Tom Birmingham (III) (Producer, Island to Isla (2008))
Carrie Birmingham (Costume Department, City Limits (1984))
David Birmingham (III) (Actor, Bluey (1976))
Birmingham City F.C. (Self, Football League Tonight (2015))
Lori Birmingham (Actor, The Summer Monster (2011))
Danielle Birmingham (Production Manager, Dog the Bounty Hunter (2003))
Birmingham Lottie
Fiona Birmingham (Actress, Turnabout (2009))
Juli Birmingham (Actress, Fallen Angels (2006))
Brian Birmingham (II)
Juliana Birmingham (Actor, What's Your Poison? (2011))
Elise Birmingham (II)
Holly Birmingham (Make Up Department, The Hunt Ends (2015))
Jennifer Birmingham (II) (Art Department, Up (2009))
Peg Birmingham
Edwin J. Birmingham (Actor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016))
McKenzie Birmingham (II)
Allison Birmingham (Actress, PDA Massacre (2004))
Mark Birmingham (IV) (Actor, Cockneys vs Zombies (2012))
Geoff Birmingham (Editorial Department, Morning Sun (2003))
Gerrard Birmingham (Camera Department, John Huston: The Man, the Movies, the Maverick (1988))
Keara Birmingham (Art Department, Twin Peaks (2017))
Gavin Birmingham (Actor, The Pillowman (2011))
Sue Birmingham (Actress, Free (2011))
David Birmingham (II) (Producer, Trauma (2004))
Caoimhe Birmingham (Actress, Lair (2015))
Alan Birmingham (Actor, Masquerade (1929))
Margaret Birmingham
Shelley Birmingham (Miscellaneous, Between the Lines (1992))
Sam 'Birmingham' Brison (Actor, The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings (1976))
Chris Birmingham (Self, Last Chance to See (2009))
Teresa Birmingham (Actress, Crazy Animal (2007))
Elsun Birmingham (Actor, The Mission Is Possible: Youth Awareness (2004))
Arthur Birmingham (Actor, Butch Minds the Baby (1979))
Greg Birmingham (Director, Bejabbers! (2009))
Catherine Birmingham (Editor, Drive (1992))
Stephen Birmingham (I) (Self, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962))
Theresa Birmingham (Actress, America's Next President (2012))
Tom Birmingham (II) (Producer, The Making of 'Wall of Glass' (2017))
Mike Birmingham
Adler Birmingham (Actor, Carpe Diem (2009))
Tracy Birmingham (Actress, Wanton Sinner (1988))
Dan Birmingham (Self, HBO Boxing (1973))
Katherine Birmingham (Writer, A Fish Tale (2010))
Ryan Birmingham (Director, Midnight Machine (2009))
Evan Birmingham (Actor, The Summer Monster (2011))
Karen Birmingham (Make Up Department, Brothers Two (2006))
Jim Birmingham (II) (Self, Mel & Sue (2015))
Ashley Birmingham (Actress, Jesus Henry Christ (2003))
Mark Birmingham (III) (Actor, One Red (2008))
Jarrod Birmingham (Actor, Palo Pinto Gold (2009))
Tayza Birmingham (Production Designer, The Vampires of Zanzibar (2010))
Stuart Birmingham (Actor, Doctors (2000))
McKenzie Birmingham (I) (Actor, Anna in the Dark (2014))
Stephen Birmingham (II) (Assistant Director, Bloody Cakes (2016))
Tom Birmingham (I) (Producer, Passenger X (2009))
Marilyn Birmingham (II) (Actress, The Wig People (2013))
Tony Birmingham (Self, Dateline NBC (1992))
Martin Birmingham (Transportation Department, Alien: Covenant (2017))
John Birmingham (V)
Elizabeth Birmingham
Erin Gabriella Birmingham (Costume Department, Zizi and Honeyboy (2017))
Charlotte Birmingham (Actress, Finding Neverland (2004))
Birmingham City Ladies F.C. (Self, The Women's Football Show (2013))
Katharine Birmingham (Sound Department, Soledad (2000))
Joshua Allen Birmingham
Birmingham Highlight Club
City of Birmingham Youth Chorus (Self, BBC Proms (2016))
The Birmingham Cathedral Choir (Self, Bullseye (1981))
City of Birmingham Symphony
Birmingham Symphony Chorus (Self, The Birth of British Music (2009))
Birmingham Community Gospel Choir (Self, The Birth of British Music (2009))
City of Birmingham Festival Chorus (Self, The Birth of British Music (2009))
City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus (Music Department, Let's Make an Opera (1996))
Birmingham Conservatoire Choir (Self, The Birth of British Music (2009))
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (Music Department, Henry V (1989))
Forty Five of The Men of Birmingham Veterans Administration Hospital (Self, The Men (1950))
Wardrobe Department Birmingham Repertory Theatre