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Mark Margolis (I) (Actor, The Wrestler (2008))
Mark Margolis (II) (Actor, Diner (1982))
Mark Margolis (V) (Actor, Inhale (2011))
Mark Margolis (VII)
Mark Margolis (VI)
Mark Margolis (VIII) (Self, Totality: The American Eclipse (2017))
Mark Margolis (IV) (Actor, The Incredibly True Story of a Lonely Bruised Boy: The Musical (2011))
Mark Margolis (III) (Actor, Inhale (2011))
Cindy Margolis (Actress, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997))
Laura Margolis (Actress, The Strangers (2008))
Mark Margoles
Jeff Margolis (I) (Director, Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (1979))
Mike Margolis (Director, Jumbleland (1970))
Jack Margolis (I) (Actor, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968))
Jim Margolis (I) (Producer, The Daily Show (1996))
Jack Margolis (III)
Zak Margolis (II) (Camera Department, Walt Curtis: The Peckerneck Poet (1997))
Jack Margolis (II) (Writer, Linda Lovelace for President (1975))
Zak Margolis (I) (Animation Department, Stuff (2010))
Sara Margolis (Actress, The Left Eye (2018))
Morgan H. Margolis (Actor, 3000 Miles to Graceland (2001))
Ari Margolis (Writer, Black Days (2001))
Ben Margolis (Self, Hollywood on Trial (1976))
Zachary Margolis (I) (Actor, Sleep Tight (2016))
E. Margolis (Writer, Maria (1974))
Ashley Margolis (Actor, Hollyoaks (1995))
Brandon Margolis (Writer, The Blacklist (2013))
Stan Margolis
Jeff Margolis (II) (Actor, Love You Like Christmas (2016))
Ilona Margolis (Actress, Flatliners (1990))
Erik Margolin (Composer, The Conspiracy (2014))
Lisa Margolin (Actor, Sad Dad (2014))
Peter Margolis (Miscellaneous, Hollywood Squares (1998))
Josh Margolis (III) (Music Department, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015))
Zoe Margolis (Miscellaneous, Batman Begins (2005))
Casey Margolis (I) (Actor, The Hangover (2009))
Char Margolis (Self, Home & Family (2012))
Mark Manolis (Music Department, Always Have and Always Will (2006))
Adam Margolis (I) (Camera Department, Dancing with the Stars (2005))
Irv Margolis (Producer, Vivienne Westwood's London (2011))
Eric Margolis (Production Manager, Romance (1999))
Lisa Margolis
M.J. Margolis (Producer, The Stud Farm (1969))
Lora Margolis (Actor, Gone Fish'n (1993))
Max Margolis (Self, Adult Entertainment Expo '11 (2011))
Jim Margolis (II) (Self, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (2009))
Herb Margolis (I) (Actor, Messiah of Evil (1973))
Eli Margolis (Writer, Mondays (2015))
Chen Margolis (Editorial Department, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013))
Andy Margolis (I) (Actor, Surge of Power: The Stuff of Heroes (2004))
Lori Margolis (II) (Self, I Am Cait (2015))
Brad Margolis (Casting Department, Dragnet (2003))
Yael Margolis (Miscellaneous, Crime Business (2003))
Stu Margolis (Producer, Alter Bridge: Live at Wembley (2012))
Rose Margolis (Editorial Department, Mysteries at the Museum (2010))
Matt Margolis (Camera Department, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011))
Seth Margolis (Writer, Losing Isaiah (1995))
Rob Margolis (Art Department, End of the Trail (2016))
Esta Margolis
John Margolis (Music Department, The Kidnapping of Ingrid Betancourt (2003))
Owen Margolis (Producer, Herb Key: Nurturing American Heritage (2014))
Josh Margolis (I) (Miscellaneous, Transporter 2 (2005))
Sam Margolis (II) (Assistant Director, Bladeco (2011))
Budd Margolis (I) (Director, Robert Clary A5714: A Memoir of Liberation (1984))
L.J. Margolis (Self, The Daily Show (1996))
Karen Margolis (II)
Mandy Margolis (Actress, Glorious Mail (2005))
Joy Margolis (I) (Actress, Novia que te vea (1994))
Jill Margolis (Art Director, Ain't No Way Back (1990))
Sam Margolis (I) (Director, This is Jon. (2012))
Dan Margolis (II) (Miscellaneous, Community (2009))
Karen Margolis (I) (Miscellaneous, Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges (1989))
Todd Margolis
Dan Margolis (I) (Actor, Hunting Earl (1996))
Zora Margolis (Actress, California Suite (1978))
Roni Margolis (Actress, The Equalizer (1985))
Aron Margolis (Sound Department, La revancha (1995))
Gene Margolis (Producer, Body Shot (1994))
Herb Margolis (III)
Joy Margolis (II) (Location Management, Peter and John (2015))
Josh Margolis (IV) (Actor, Josh Has a Genie (2015))
Josh Margolis (VII) (Producer, Hella Late with Rob Sherrell (2017))
Budd Margolis (II) (Producer, TIMESTORM (2017))
Jody Margolis (II) (Producer, The Secret World of Superfans (2008))
Gil Margolis (Camera Department, Grubstake (1952))
Andy Margolis (II) (Composer, Hughes the Force (2011))
Roy Margolis (Miscellaneous, Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections: Stowaway! (1994))
Adam Margolis (II)
Anya Margolis (Actress, Chto tam, za povorotom? (1981))
Gary Margolis (Producer, Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies (2016))
Evan Margolis (Director, Grounded (2017))
Kate Margolis (I) (Costume Department, Jenny's Song (1988))
Sid Margolis (Self, Hiroshima (1995))
Margolis. Eli (Actor, Mondays (2015))
Abby Margolis (Miscellaneous, Presumed Innocent (1990))
Jon Margolis (Miscellaneous, The Roosevelts: An Intimate History (2014))
Jody Margolis (I) (Miscellaneous, Father of the Bride Part II (1995))
Kate Margolis (II) (Producer, Bug (2002))
Emil Margolis (Composer, Best Leader (2007))
Jared Margolis
Josh Margolis (II) (Composer, Arc of a Diver (2008))
Ed Margolis (Music Department, Tomgang (2013))
Josh Margolis (VI) (Music Department, The Curse of the Bambino (2006))
Amy Margolis (Actress, Kulipari: An Army of Frogs (2016))
Lori Margolis (I) (Special Effects, The Starlost (1973))
Herb Margolis (II) (Camera Department, Return to Peyton Place (1972))
Edda Margolis (Actress, Seis meses de vida (1951))
Reid Margolis (Actor, Beats4Tanner (2015))
Chuck Margolis (Self, The Mike Douglas Show (1961))
Gary L. Margolis (Production Manager, The 81st Annual Academy Awards (2009))
Jacey Margolis (Actress, Meander Mobile Cares (2016))
Stephen Margolis (Producer, Transsiberian (2008))
Robert Margolis (I) (Actor, The Definition of Insanity (2004))
Dylan Margolis (I) (Actor, The Definition of Insanity (2004))
Jonathan Margolis (I) (Actor, Entrance (2012))
Keren Margolis (Writer, The Drunken Yoga Show (2016))
Jonathan Margolis (II) (Self, What the Pythons Did Next... (2007))
Bruce Margolis (Location Management, The Pretender (1996))
Nicky Margolis (I) (Actress, Positive Comment (2010))
Michelle [Benson] Margolis
Mark Margossian (Camera Department, Bloody Baby Blue (2009))
Michael Margolis (I) (Director, Beer Money (2012))
Heide Margolis (Actress, Evicted (2000))
Jamibeth Margolis (Casting Director, Kosmos (2004))
Angelina Margolis (Production Designer, Narcan (2016))
Wendie Margolis (Miscellaneous, True Confessions (1981))
Jacqueline Margolis (Actress, Summer of Sam (1999))
David Margolis (II) (Visual Effects, Stardust (2007))
Nickey Margolis (Self, Ad Lib (1981))
Paul B. Margolis (Writer, MacGyver (1985))
Sheri Sedlik Margolis (Miscellaneous, A Goofy Movie (1995))
Deborah Margolis (Actress, The Dozens (1981))
Darlene Margolis (Actress, Hot Springs Hotel (1997))
Herbert H. Margolis (Writer, The Wackiest Ship in the Army (1965))
Michelle Margolis (Costume Department, Taken (2008))
Ashlee Margolis (I) (Miscellaneous, The Big Moment (1999))
Eleanor Margolis (Self, Channel 4 News (1982))
Zachary Margolis (II) (Actor, Little Ado About Something (2016))
Stephan Margolis
Gerry Margolis
David Margolis (VI) (Animation Department, Flatland (1982))
David Margolis (VII) (Assistant Director, Awayday (1997))
Arnold Margolis (Camera Department, Muggsy (1976))
Matthew Margolis (I) (Actor, Woof! Woof! Uncle Matty's Guide to Dog Training (1997))
Marvin Margolis
Francine Margolis (Actress, The Last Mango (2006))
Nicky Margolis (II) (Actor, Stalk Much? (2009))
Gerald A. Margolis (Miscellaneous, Little Red Wagon (2012))
Tracy Margolis (Costume Department, Breaking and Entering (2004))
Scott Margolis (Camera Department, Super Sucker (2002))
Deric Margolis (Producer, By the People: The Election of Barack Obama (2009))
Roberta Margolis
Fanny Margolis (Costume Designer, Le mariage en papier (2001))
Matthew Margolis (II) (Director, Only in Hollywood (2017))
Shane Margolis (Actor, What's Up Mom? (1992))
Kitty Margolis (I) (Self, Vince Guaraldi: The Maestro of Menlo Park (2009))
Jason Margolis (I) (Producer, After Shock (1996))
Kitty Margolis (II) (Actor, Incomparably Cole (2015))
Ellen Margolis (Actor, The Grasshopper Women: A Peruvian Tale of Globalization (2014))
Shayna Margolis (Editorial Department, Weeds (2005))
Esther Margolis (Miscellaneous, Biography (1987))
Simoone Margolis (Actress, Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls (1988))
Joseph Margolis (Self, A Parliament of Minds: Philosophy for a New Millennium (2000))
Gerald Margolis (Miscellaneous, Death Tide (1955))
Ashlee Margolis (II) (Producer, Untitled Women in Hollywood Documentary (2018))
Michael Margolis (VII) (Actor, The Karate Rap (1986))
Hadassah Margolis (Producer, Hooked: Illegal Drugs & How They Got That Way - Marijuana, Assassin of Youth (2000))
Edward Margolis (Actor, Johnny O'Clock (1947))
Herbert Margolis (Actor, Target: The Corruptors (1961))
Michael Margolis (VI)
Natasha Margolis (Actor, Die-O-Rama (2018))
Sophie Margolis (Self, Totality: The American Eclipse (2017))
Jordan Margolis (Director, The History of Excuses (2011))
Lorie Margolis (Miscellaneous, Lovely Day (2015))
Phyllis Margolick (Self, Nuclear Dynamite (2000))
Dylan Margolis (II) (Actor, That Movie With All the Puppets in It )
Bryce Margolis (Actor, Hungry (2015))
Claudine Margolis (Actress, Welcome Back, Brotter (2009))
Micah Margolis (Actor, Exploring the Harrows (2008))
Marshall Margolis (Actor, Dancing in the Dark (1986))
Annie Margolis (Actress, Marian Rose White (1982))
Ariel Margolis (Art Department, Pan's Labyrinth (2006))
Robert Margolis (IV)
Aaron Margolis (Director, Caminando por la historia (1998))
Barry G. Margolis
Daniel Margolis (Miscellaneous, Last Passenger (2013))
Barbara Margolis (II) (Editorial Department, Adam Clayton Powell (1989))
Matthew Margolis (III) (Self, The Bob Braun Show (1967))
Harlan Margolis (Actor, Julia (1968))
Sasha Margolis (Composer, Mr Rich (2011))
Jesse Margolis (Casting Department, Models of the Runway (2009))
David Margolis (V)
Robin Margolis (I) (Camera Department, Ni de jintian he wo de mingtian (2013))
Charles Margolis (I) (Camera Department, Stay Until Tomorrow (2004))
Michael Margolis (II) (Writer, The Crusaders (1993))
Robert Margolis (III)
Ricky Margolis (Producer, Veronika Decides to Die (2009))
Eric S. Margolis (Self, The Agenda with Steve Paikin (2006))
Robin Margolis (II) (Production Manager, The Region of Unlikeness (2012))
Arlene Margolis