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William Hurt (Actor, A History of Violence (2005))
William T. Hurtz (Director, Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989))
aka "William Hurtz"
William H. Macy (Actor, Fargo (1996))
William Hickey (I) (Actor, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989))
William Hung (I) (Actor, Chinaman's Chance: America's Other Slaves (2008))
William Hurd (I) (Actor, Dragonfly (1976))
William Holden (I) (Actor, Stalag 17 (1953))
Brad William Henke (Actor, Orange Is the New Black (2013))
William Hope (Actor, Aliens (1986))
William Hutt (Actor, Great Performances (1971))
William Hunt (III) (Actor, Highway Patrol (1955))
William Hurd (II)
William Hurst (Camera Department, Remember Amnesia )
William Hur (Actor, Meet Cute (2014))
William Hurd (III) (Self, Unsung (2008))
William Heath (V) (Self, Nathan for You (2013))
William Haze (I) (Actor, The Punisher (2004))
William Hopper (I) (Actor, Perry Mason (1957))
William Hurlbut (I) (Writer, Bride of Frankenstein (1935))
William Hudson (I) (Actor, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958))
William Hill (I) (Actor, Gran Torino (2008))
William Hanna (I) (Producer, ABC Afterschool Specials (1972))
William Hurndell (Actor, Doctor Who (1963))
William Hartnell (I) (Actor, Carry On Sergeant (1958))
William Houston (I) (Actor, Brimstone (2016))
William Henry (I) (Actor, Parole Fixer (1940))
William Hootkins (Actor, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977))
William Hunt (XXIII) (Actor, Savage Lagoon (2007))
William Haade (Actor, Key Largo (1948))
William H. Bryant Jr. (Actor, Greenleaf (2016))
William Hunt (XIX) (Actor, The Moorside (2017))
William Hoy (Editor, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014))
William Hung (II) (Camera Department, Acts of Mercy (2009))
William Huw (I) (Actor, Dragons of Camelot (2014))
William Hutchinson (VII) (Actor, Blink (2013))
William Haines (I) (Actor, Show People (1928))
William Ho (IX) (Director, Need for Speed Payback (2017))
William Hart (V) (Actor, Santa Con (2014))
William Hunt (X)
William Huang (II) (Miscellaneous, Food Wars (2010))
William Hunt (XIV) (Assistant Director, Plain Pine Box (2011))
William Human (Actor, The Adventures of Ruth (1919))
William Hull (Actor, A Sense of Loss (1972))
William Huynh (Actor, Meant for Me (2014))
William Huang (I) (Visual Effects, True Crime: Streets of LA (2003))
William Hub (Stunts, Downdraft (1996))
William Huie (Actor, The Wild Man of the Navidad (2008))
William Hussy (Miscellaneous, 2012 MuchMusic Video Awards (2012))
H. William Hunt (Actor, Police Story (1973))
William Hunt (XIII)
William Hunt (XVII) (Music Department, Sacred Music (2008))
William Hulin (Camera Department, Pour elle (2008))
William Hunt (VII) (Actor, Democracy on Trial: The Morgentaler Affair (1984))
William Hunt (XV) (Producer, Coney Island (1917))
William Hunt (XX) (Make Up Department, Philophiles (2014))
William Huang (IV) (Editorial Department, My Friend D-Rone )
William Hunt (XII) (Music Department, The Jungle Book (2016))
William Hunt (XVI) (Miscellaneous, Low Blow (1986))
William Huang (VII) (Cinematographer, Smile (2017))
William Huang (VI)
William Huch (Actor, Ein Unsichtbarer geht durch die Stadt (1933))
William Huang (III) (Producer, The Eagles (2017))
William Hunt (V) (Actor, Low Blow (1986))
William Hunt (VIII) (Producer, Raja Bhai Lagey Raho... (2005))
William Huang (V)
William Hunt (XI) (Writer, EastEnders: E20 (2010))
William Huen (Assistant Director, Cuo ti zhui ji zu he (1995))
William Hunt (IX) (Writer, History Undercover: Secrets of Soviet Space Disasters (1999))
William Huw (II)
William Hunt (XXI) (Production Designer, Lilith )
William Hui (Actor, Don't Worry About Me (2009))
William Hunt (IV) (Miscellaneous, Black Cat Run (1998))
William Hunt (II) (Composer, The Book Story (2014))
William Hue
William Hunt (I) (Actor, Shady Lady (1945))
William Hunt (XVIII) (Costume Designer, Out of the Shadows (2015))
William Hunt (XXII) (Producer, Tinder Box (2017))
William H. Lynn (Actor, Harvey (1950))
William Hutchings (I) (Actor, Secrets & Lies (2014))
William Hayes (I) (Producer, The Living Swamp (1955))
William Hall (I) (Actor, Escape by Night (1937))
William H. Burton Jr. (Assistant Director, Mission: Impossible II (2000))
Curtis Williams (I) (Actor, Beverly Hills Cop III (1994))
William Hudson (VI) (Actor, Amen (1986))
William Humphrey (I) (Director, Atonement (1919))
William Hurst Jr. (Miscellaneous, Work of Art (2008))
William Hurlbut (II) (Self, Transcendent Man (2009))
William Hurley (Producer, Purple & Green (2011))
William Huntley (II) (Actor, Enchanted (2007))
William Hudson (II) (Writer, Smart House (1999))
William Hobbs (Stunts, The Avengers (1998))
William Heath (III) (Actor, NWA Wrestling Showcase (2008))
William H. O'Brien (Actor, I've Been Around (1935))
William H. Daniels (Cinematographer, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958))
S. William Hinzman (Actor, FleshEater (1988))
William Hutson (Composer, Room 237 (2012))
William Hayward (I) (Producer, Easy Rider (1969))
William Healy (Actor, Crimson Peak (2015))
William Hill (II) (Producer, Frenzy (1972))
William Hale (II) (Director, The Time Tunnel (1966))
William Heins (I) (Director, Pledge This! (2006))
William Hall (II) (Actor, Howard the Duck (1986))
William Hamel (Actor, The Unknown Terror (1957))
William Holden (II) (Actor, Not So Dumb (1930))
William Howes (II) (Actor, The Children (2008))
William Hughes (IV) (Actor, Torchwood (2006))
William Hjortsberg (Writer, Legend (1985))
William Hunter (I) (Writer, The Great Game (1930))
William Hayden (III) (Actor, The Outsider (2014))
William Hart (III) (Soundtrack, Jackie Brown (1997))
William Heise (Cinematographer, Men Boxing (1891))
Kurt Williams (I) (Producer, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011))
William Henry (X) (Self, Ancient Aliens (2009))
William H. Shurte
William H. Pine (Producer, Reap the Wild Wind (1942))
William Hardy (I) (Actor, The Tree of Life (2011))
William Hoo (Actor, Vampires on Bikini Beach (1988))
William Huntley (I) (Special Effects, The Edge (1997))
William Hellfire (Director, Upsidedown Cross (2014))
William Harrigan (I) (Actor, The Invisible Man (1933))
William Haresceugh (Actor, Creeped Out (2017))
William Holmes (IV) (Actor, Rick and Morty (2013))
William Humble (Writer, Screen One (1985))
William Hsieh (Sound Department, The Ghouls (2015))
William Ho (V)
William Ho (I) (Writer, Random! Cartoons (2007))
William Ho (VII) (Cinematographer, Fish (2013))
William Ho (II) (Editor, Ming mei shiguang (2009))
William Ho (VI) (Actor, Modeng Shijie (1936))
William Ho (IV) (Art Department, Family Guy (1998))
William Ho (III) (Production Manager, Jiu ming (2004))
William Ho (VIII) (Cinematographer, Intoxicated (2015))
William Hague (Self, The Diamond Queen (2012))
William Hughes (I) (Stunts, Kingdom of the Spiders (1977))
William Hoyland (Actor, Hellboy (2004))
Courtney Williams (IV) (Actress, Sonic Shorts (2008))
William H. Burns (Actor, Café Society (2016))
William Horberg (Producer, Cold Mountain (2003))
William Howe (III) (Actor, Lucky Break (2001))
William Harms (I) (Writer, Infamous (2009))
William Hummer (Actor, The Chapman Report (1962))
William Hutchinson (I) (Actor, The Fair Barbarian (1917))
William Hansen (I) (Actor, 1776 (1972))
Michael William Hunter (Actor, Aimy in a Cage (2016))
William H. Brown (II) (Producer, Sahara (2005))
William H. Clothier (Cinematographer, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962))
William Hughes (XVII) (Producer, No Man Is an Island (2014))
William H. Strauss (Actor, Millionaires (1926))
William Haynes (IX) (Actor, The Minority Report (2017))
William Honeyball (Editor, Spring Heeled Jack (2008))
William Hubbard (I) (Actor, Who Has Seen the Wind (1977))
William Holloway (IX) (Writer, Killer University (2016))
William P. Burt (Writer, The Lone Defender (1930))
John-Paul William Hurley
Curtis Mark Williams (I) (Actor, Effloresce (2015))
William Hellmuth (Director, The Black Dawn (2009))
William Hiney (Art Department, National Treasure (2004))
William Hand (Camera Department, Safe Haven (2013))
William Humphries (IV) (Self, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007))
William H. Frake III (Art Department, Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006))
William Hodge (II) (Animation Department, Frankenweenie (2012))
William Henry (III) (Editorial Department, Closer (2004))
William Hughes (XIX)
William Humphrey (III) (Editorial Department, King Gimp (1999))
William Hughes (VII)
William Hulsey
William Hueston (Self, The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986))
William Hunsacker (Actor, Between Lives (2014))
William Hutchings (II) (Producer, Code 7 (2007))
William Humphreys (III) (Producer, The Bad Guy (2006))
William Huddleston (Editor, Miserable (2016))
Jeffrey William Hunt (Miscellaneous, The Battle of the Alamo (1996))
William Hunter (VII) (Production Manager, Live at the Quick (2002))
William Hughes (XVI) (Actor, Sever (2014))
William Hudson (X)
William Hudson (III) (Camera Department, Eyeball Eddie (2001))
William Hultstrom (Production Designer, The Young and the Restless (1973))
William Hudson (VII) (Actor, Downtown Express (2011))
James William Hudson (Actor, Guys Reading Poems (2016))
William Hudson (IV) (Cinematographer, Blind Willie's Blues: A Documentary Film (1997))
William Hughes (IX) (Actor, Everyman (2011))
William Huchison (Art Department, 10th & Wolf (2006))
William Hudson (XIII) (Self, Pritzker Military Library Presents (2006))
William Huffman (I) (Camera Department, Child's Play 3 (1991))
William Hunter (VI) (Miscellaneous, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954))
William Humber (Self, Brain Ball: The Legacy of the Vancouver Asahi (2014))
William Hugh Collins (Actor, Cadillac Man (1990))
William Hughes (III) (Art Department, Our Feature Presentation (2008))
R. William Hubble (Actor, Wasband (2011))
William Hughes (XI) (Actor, The Plotters (2012))
William Humphreys (IV) (Camera Department, Voiced Over (2016))
G. William Hunter (Producer, Black Ice (in development))
William Humphrey (VIII)
William Hufenbach (Actor, De maarschalkstaf (1929))
William Humphrey (VII) (Writer, Lionel's Got Some Trouble Coming His Way (2013))
William Humphrey (IV) (Production Manager, Lovely But Deadly (1981))
William Hummel (Actor, The Lovely Bones (2009))
James William Hunter (Actor, And the Winner Is... (2009))
William Humphries (III) (Camera Department, Frontline (1983))