Movie Terminology Glossary: V


AKA: Video, Direct to video
An IMDb notation to indicate that a particular title was originally released on video without a screening or being broadcast.

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AKA: Video game
An IMDb notation to indicate that a particular title is a video game.

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Vertigo effect

A camera technique created by Alfred Hitchcock during his film Vertigo that involves tracking backwards while simultaneously zooming in, making the person or object in the center of the image seem stationary while their surroundings change.

Video Assist

Motion picture cameras often include a video camera that allows instant review of a scene to monitor framing, focus, and performance. Both this system and the person operating it are referred to as video assist.

Video Cassette Recorder

A common household appliance for recording and/or playing prerecorded video tapes. See VHS, NTSC and PAL.


A person who works in the video medium — recording moving images and sound onto linear analog or digital tape, non-linear digital disc, or any other digital recording media, such as memory cards. On a set, he or she may be responsible for the lighting as well as the audio and images captured by the video camera/camcorder. Videographers differ from cinematographers because they record using video cameras/camcorders while cinematographers use film cameras to shoot film footage onto motion picture film stock. The development of high definition digital cinematography, however, is quickly blurring this distinction.

Video Home System

Video Home System is a popular format for VCR systems worldwide. See also DVD.

Visual Effects

Alterations to a film's images during post-production. Contrast with special effects (except in UK television, where visual effects and special effects are sometimes the same).

Visual Effects Rigger

The person that prepares the miniature models, creature puppets, or whatever the camera subject is, to perform whatever the object is supposed to do during the shot.

Visual Effects Supervisor

AKA: Visual Effects Director
The chief of a production's visual effects crew.


AKA: Voice Over, VO
Indicates that dialogue will be heard on a movie's soundtrack, but the speaker will not be shown. The abbreviation is often used as an annotation in a script.

Voice-Over Artist

The unseen person who does the speaking necessary to create a voice-over.