IMDb Poll

What is the IMDb Poll?

The IMDb Poll is an ongoing set of polls about movies and televisions. Each poll has a topic, a series of answers, and a time period it runs. You select an answer, and your vote is added to the people who voted likewise. During the poll, and afterwards you can see the tally to see how your answer conforms (or not) to others.

Is My Information Public?

Yes. We may display the titles of polls you voted in or your individual votes on various areas of the site including, but not limited to, your profile page. So while we are not deliberately trying to embarrass you by your choices, you might keep that in mind. Although if you're like most people you probably have worse things to hide than the fact you thought Speed 2: Cruise Control was actually pretty good.

Can I Submit My Own Polls?

Yes. Here is information on how to create polls. You can find advice on current best practices, as well.

Can I Delete/Erase My Vote?

No, but you can change your vote at any time up until when the poll closes. Time to commit, man.

Where Can I Discuss Polls?

Users may discuss Polls in our Online Support Community powered by Get Satisfaction.

Is This the Same as the Old IMDb Poll?

No, this is completely, brand-new, fresh poll code! What could possibly go wrong? :-)

Will You Re-Run a Closed Poll?

We are reprising some great polls of the past, especially if there is new or updated information. Feel free to suggest one you like from years ago.

Where Can I See The Polls I've Taken?

The polls you've taken are display on your IMDb Profile page.

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