Top Ten Contributors - The People Against O'Hara (1951)

This crime drama/film noir was developed and released by MGM. It had a heavyweight cast starting with Spencer Tracy and Pat O'Brien, both on the downside of their careers. Here are the top 10 contributors that developed the story for the silver screen.
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“ developed the story along with John Monks, Jr ” - milam_ogden
“ asked by MGM to direct ” - milam_ogden
John Alton
Cinematographer, Elmer Gantry
Starting out in 1924 as a lab technician at MGM, John Alton left there for Paramount to become a cameraman. He traveled to France and then to South America, where he wrote, photographed and directed several Spanish-language films. Returning to Hollywood in 1937, he soon achieved a reputation as one of the industry's most accomplished cinematographers...
“ cinematographer ” - milam_ogden
Carmen Dragon
Composer, conductor and arranger, educated at San Jose College (MA degree). He made many records as conductor of the Hollywood Bowl (which he conducted for ten years) and Capitol Symphony orchestras, and he composed, conducted and arranged for a number of American radio and television programs (including the Standard School Broadcast in 1949)...
“ music director ” - milam_ogden
Spencer Tracy
Spencer Tracy was born four years after his brother Carroll to truck salesman John Edward and Caroline Brown Tracy. He attended Marquette Academy along with Pat O'Brien and the two left school to enlist in the Navy at the start of World War I. He was still at Norfolk Navy Yard in Virginia at the end of the war...
“ played lead role of James P Curtayne ” - milam_ogden
Pat O'Brien
Although he came to be called "Hollywood's Irishman in Residence"--and, along with good friends James Cagney, Allen Jenkins, Frank McHugh and a few others were called "The Irish Mafia"--and he often played Irish immigrants, Pat O'Brien was US-born and -bred. As a young boy the devoutly Roman Catholic O'Brien considered entering the seminary to study for the priesthood...
“ played role of Det. Vincent Ricks ” - milam_ogden
Diana Lynn
She was a child prodigy and pianist at age 10, and her first movie role was as one of the children in "They Shall Have Music" (1939), in which you see her playing the piano. She made another movie using the name Dolly (a short version of her real name (Dolores) in "There's Magic in Music" (1941). She signed a long-term contract with Paramount in 1942 and had her name changed to Diana Lynn...
“ played wife "Ginny" Curtayne ” - milam_ogden
John Hodiak
Pittsburgh-born John Hodiak was one of several up-and-coming male talents who managed to take advantage of the dearth of WWII-era superstars (MGM's Clark Gable, Van Johnson, Robert Taylor and James Stewart, among others) who were off serving their country. John's early death at age 41, however, robbed Hollywood of a strong player and promising character star...
“ played DA Louis Barra ” - milam_ogden
James Arness
American leading man famed as the star of one of the longest-running shows in U.S. television history, Gunsmoke. Born of Norwegian heritage (the family name, Aurness, had formerly been Aursness) in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Rolf and Ruth Duesler Aurness. His father was a traveling salesman of medical supplies and his mother later became a newspaper columnist...
“ played role of "Johnny" O'Hara ” - milam_ogden
“ played role of Mrs. Katrina Lanzetta ” - milam_ogden