Emerald City Comicon Exclusive: Day 1

Emerald City Comicon Exclusive: Day 1
Welcome To The Emerald City Comicon!

While it’s no San Diego Comicon, maybe that’s a good thing. This past weekend, from March 1st to 3rd, Seattle hosted the 11th annual Emerald City Comicon, an event that has ballooned in size to an almost unwieldy horde of nerds, freaks, geeks and cool kids. On the strength of its celebrity guests and its massive hall of comic book writers and artists, with a heavy bent on the independent scene, for one weekend, the Con takes over downtown Seattle.

For awhile now, it’s been clear that the Con is not just for the periphery, for those that toil in their parents’ basement subsisting on Mountain Dew and WoW (though they’re welcome). The Con has become mainstream, for better and worse, and is a family event that appeals to nigh every demographic.

This year, after two years volunteering behind (and
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