Avengers: Infinity War Director Joe Russo Cagey On When We Can Expect New Trailer

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So far we have seen two films with Marvel’s top tier superhero team, The Avengers. The Marvel Cinematic Universe started off with the characters' individual films, laying groundwork that would one day build up to the aforementioned ensemble. If you’re reading this article there is a fairly good chance you are well aware that there are two more Avengers films on their way. The co-director of those films, Joe Russo (his brother Anthony is the other half of the directing team), spoke with Good Morning America, and was asked when us lowly peasants that weren’t able to attend D23 will be able to see some new Avengers footage.

“We’re hard at work on a trailer, I don’t want to spoil it for them but you know stay tuned and you’re going to see an Infinity War teaser very soon,” said Russo.

When asked to
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