Avengers: Infinity War - Dave Bautista Says Robert Downey Jr. Put Him At Ease

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Now, of course we know that Drax is played by David Bautista, a wrestler who made his way into the acting world much like Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) did. I must admit, I was surprised just how spot on he played Drax the Destroyer when we first saw him tackle the role in Guardians of the Galaxy. While the character is near-unrecognizable from his comic book counterpart, there's no denying that Bautista has done an admirable job with him.

Bautista has always been incredibly humble about his career, and despite the bang-up job he's done in the film's he's been in, it's understandable that even he would be a bit nervous about meeting Robert Downey Jr., who's an undeniable genius of the acting craft. Speaking with Good Morning America, Bautista made it clear how much of a fan he was of Downey's:

Robert Downey Jr.’s been on a pedestal
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