'Annabelle: Creation' conjures up $35m international weekend

'Annabelle: Creation' conjures up $35m international weekend
South Korea generated $6.6m, Indonesia $3.9m, while France produced $2.9m in week one.Warner Bros Pictures International

Annabelle: Creation conjured up an outstanding $35m from 6,935 screens in 39 international markets. The running international total is now $36.7m.

Annabelle: Creation’s opening weekend surpasses that of The Conjuring and Annabelle, and is the highest opening weekend in the Conjuring universe in 26 markets.

Asia is the dominate region with an estimated $18.4m, ranking number one in seven of the eight opening markets and representing 53% of international box office.

South Korea generated $6.6m from 947 screens and ranks as the top foreign film in the market behind two local films. The results there surpasses the lifetime total of Annabelle.

Indonesia produced $3.9m on 738 screens, ranking a dominant number one and coming in ahead of all the films in the Conjuring universe.

France generated $2.9m from 262 screens, maintaining the highest per screen average by far of all films in release. These results
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