‘Inhumans’ Review – The Lowest Bar for Inhumans to Step On

(Aotn) For many, Marvel is the ultimate trendsetter for current pop culture. Each new film is warmly received (and occasionally cited as the “new dawn” of comic book movies), audiences fall madly in love with characters once thought too obscure for the mainstream and the actors playing them, the TV shows are big… actually, let’s backtrack a little on that last one. Marvel’s movies are generally loved, that’s undeniable, but Marvel’s run of series after the inaugural Netflix seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones are becoming more and more divisive. Luke Cage was considered solid until fan favorite villain Cottonmouth was replaced with the less memorable Diamondback, Iron Fist was met with vitriol across the board to the point where fans cheered over showrunner Scott Buck’s departure (make sure to remember this name) during the announcement of a second season at Comic-Con and The Defenders
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