What Does It Post-Credit Tease Mean for It 2?

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What Does It Post-Credit Tease Mean for It 2?
After months of waiting, It finally arrived over the weekend and blew the doors off of expectations. The movie not only absolutely destroyed at the box office, bringing in $123 million on its opening weekend, but it has also been a huge hit with critics and fans alike. With the huge success, It 2 has become a top priority for New Line Cinema, and a little post-credits tease helps set up that sequel.

Warning: spoilers ahead for It. New Line Cinema recently brought back writer Gary Dauberman to write the It sequel and director Andy Muschietti, though he hasn't officially signed a deal to come back, is expected to return. But for those who watched the credits after seeing It know that a sequel was never really in question. After the final shot of the movie, we see that this first movie was billed as It: Chapter One. That implies that this
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