There Were Other Game of Thrones Actors in Justice League Besides Jason Momoa

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Image Source: Everett Collection The following contains minor spoilers for Justice League. If you were able to tear your eyes away from Superman's bizarrely CGIed face and focus on any other part of Justice League, you might have noticed several familiar faces. That's because Westeros made its way into the Decu for the superhero film, which featured three different actors from HBO's Game of Thrones. Of course, the most obvious is Jason Momoa, who went from playing Dothraki horse lord Khal Drogo to Atlantean demigod Aquaman. But what about the other two? You might have noticed something familiar about the small-time terrorist who - pardon my French - gets his ass handed to him by Wonder Woman when attempting to blow up a bank. That's because he's played by Michael McElhatton, who played Roose Bolton, father of devious bastard Ramsay Bolton, on Got. Image Source: HBO The third Game of Thrones
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