Movie Review: Last Flag Flying Review

Dialogue in film can be tricky. Whether the screenwriter is trying to lay out exposition or have an emotional moment between two characters, the nuances of screenwriting are understandably crucial to a successful film. That is why most of Richard Linklater’s films are almost always successful. The man behind the “Before” trilogy (Before Sunrise [1995], Before Sunset [2004], and Before Midnight [2013]), Dazed and Confused (1993), Everybody Wants Some!! (2016), and one of the decade’s best films, Boyhood (2014), has a talent for creating entertaining and thoughtful movies that feature essentially just people talking. His characters walk through the streets of Vienna talking about their lives (Before Sunrise), talk at parties on the weekend leading up to the first day of a college semester (Everybody Wants Some!!), and talk about what they want to see in the newest Star Wars movie around a campfire (Boyhood). Linklater is the master of creating natural dialogue between
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