Godless: This Actor Is Almost Unrecognizable as the Villain

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Netflix released a new miniseries on Nov. 22 titled Godless, a Western hearkening back to the days of classics like The Searchers, Bad Day at Black Rock, and Shane. Like any good Western, it has a terrifying bad guy at its center. In the case of Godless, that man is Frank Griffin, an outlaw laying waste to the countryside as he tracks down his son-like partner who left Griffin's gang when he could no longer abide their brutal behavior. If Griffin looks familiar, that's because he definitely is - but Jeff Daniels is almost unrecognizable in the role. RelatedJeff Daniels Just Pulled Double Duty as 2 of His Most Famous Characters First of all, Daniels doesn't often sport such wild hair choices. But in Godless, it is 1884 and outlaws definitely did not have time to be well-groomed, what with all that killing and robbing and stuff. The shaggy hair and bushy beard are historically on point.
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