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Lily Cole Joins Eco-friendly Fashion Challenge

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

Model-turned-actress Lily Cole is urging Hollywood stars to go green by recycling their red carpet outfits.

The British beauty is the latest famous face to take part in Colin Firth's wife Livia's Green Carpet Challenge by wearing an 'old' gown to the Cannes premiere of her latest movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, last month.

Cole admits it was a "relief" not to have to scour the rails for a new dress, and she's encouraging more A-listers to adopt an ethical approach to fashion by wearing their designer clothes more than once.

She tells Vogue.co.uk, "I felt it was absurd that I needed something new when I have so many nice dresses in my wardrobe. It was actually quite a relief to open my wardrobe and just pick something out. What is ridiculous is that this is interpreted as a slightly radical thought. It should be more the norm....

"You run the risk of perpetuating this myth that you can only wear things once, and everything has to be new and that nobody else can have worn them - because heaven forbid you might be photographed in the same dress as somebody else or yourself. I find the psychology of this so ridiculous... I do really believe that if you buy something, you should like it enough that you're going to be able to wear it out and in five years' time. I'm not a huge fan of trends." »

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Jessica Chastain Nervous About Broadway Debut

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

The Help star Jessica Chastain is battling nerves ahead of her Broadway debut, but insists she's ready to hit the stage again after starting her career in theatre.

The actress is terrified about leading the cast when she plays Catherine Sloper in a Broadway revival of The Heiress later this year.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm nervous. It's a great role, it's one of the best roles written for women."

However, Chastain is eager to throw herself into the production when rehearsals begin in September as she originally trained as a theatre actress while studying drama at Manhattan's legendary Juilliard School for performing arts.

She adds, "I'm a Broadway fan. Some might say that I was a theatre nerd in high school. I would always watch the Tonys and record them and watch them throughout the year, over and over again.

"I started out in theatre, I went to Juilliard. Theatre is my home. I somehow started making TV shows and film, but now I'm excited to come back home." »

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Kobe Bryant 'Reconciles With Wife'

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and his wife have reportedly called off their divorce.

The Los Angeles Lakers guard is said to be working on a reconciliation with Vanessa Bryant, who cited irreconcilable differences when she filed for divorce in Orange County, California in December.

Vanessa, who stood by her husband during an infidelity scandal in 2003, was due to submit final papers to make the split official this weekend (16-17Jun12) but TMZ.com reports she has no plans to sign the documents.

The Bryants married in 2001 and have two young daughters. »

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Sean Penn And Petra Nemcova Reunite In Haiti

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

Actor Sean Penn reunited with his on/off girlfriend Petra Nemcova on Friday as she was named an envoy for Haiti.

The Czech supermodel was unveiled as a goodwill ambassador by Haitian President Michel Martelly in recognition of the charity work she has done for the country through her Happy Hearts Fund.

Penn, who was appointed an ambassador-at-large for Haiti earlier this year, was a special guest at the ceremony held at the National Palace in Port-au-Prince.

The couple was first linked in 2008, and they reportedly rekindled their romance after the model broke off her engagement to British actor Jamie Belman in April. »

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Director Menhaj Huda Marries

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

Director Menhaj Huda is a married man after exchanging vows with his partner on Saturday.

The Kidulthood moviemaker tied the knot with Lily Lapenna in a romantic ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.

Noel Clarke, who wrote and starred in Kidulthood, sent his best wishes to the couple via Twitter.com, writing, "Congratulations n (and) love to my brother (kidulthood director) Menhaj Huda n Lily Lapenna on their wedding day."

The director replied, "Thanks Clarky, we missed ya!", while his new wife took to her own page on the site to share a photo of the couple in their wedding outfits. »

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Gilles Marini Recovering After Foot Surgery

12 June 2012 5:06 AM, PDT

Actor Gilles Marini is hobbling around on vacation in Monaco after undergoing surgery to remove a needle from his foot.

The Sex and the City: The Movie hunk was in agony after a sharp needle broke off in his left foot and he was told he'd have to go under the knife to remove it.

He visited a specialist surgeon in Las Vegas last week for the operation, which he filmed and posted on his Twitter.com page.

In the gory footage, the doctor can be seen slowly extracting the needle, while Marini declares, "I did not feel anything. The (anaesthetic) shots are painful, but let me tell you, I did not feel anything."

The French star later tweeted a photo of himself relaxing poolside in Monte Carlo, writing, "My foot somehow feels much better!" »

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Idina Menzel To Play The Snow Queen

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

Glee star Idina Menzel has been cast as The Snow Queen in an animated new movie adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale.

The Broadway veteran, who made her name as a witch in musical Wicked, will voice the fictional royal in Disney's Frozen.

Kristen Bell will co-star as Anna in the film, which is set to open in November 2013. »

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Cameron Diaz To Release Nutrition Book

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

Actress Cameron Diaz is close to signing a publishing deal to write her own nutrition book dishing out advice to her teenage fans.

The Charlie's Angels star announced earlier this year that she would be launching her own well-being organisation - and now she's reportedly set to release a book which will help impressionable young girls stay fit and healthy.

A source tells entertainment website E! Online, "She wants to stop their fixation on being thin, and for teenage girls to understand that being healthy is more important. She wants to use her celebrity to make a difference. She knows she is a role model to girls and she really wants to use that position to do good. This book is not about weight, it's about making the right choices.

"This book isn't about her. And it's not a diet of any kind. Of course, it's her own journey that has helped her realise what's important, but she wants the book to appeal to everyone, and not just be about her own food choices." »

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Robert De Niro Shows Off Plans For New Hotel

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

Robert De Niro has unveiled plans for his first Nobu hotel in Las Vegas.

The 180-room luxury hotel, featuring a Nobu restaurant, will open at the end of 2012, and the movie star and chef Nobu Matsuhisa launched the venture to the media on Sunday night at the original Nobu in Manhattan's Tribeca.

The first Nobu Hotel is scheduled to open at Caesars Palace on 1 October.

Designer David Rockwell, who is the man behind the look of the W hotels and the Oscars, is the brains behind the decor for De Niro's new hotel, which will feature a massive new Nobu restaurant full of private dining areas for celebrity guests - like the Cape Fear star.

De Niro, who was back in New York surveying the damage done to his apartment in a fire last week (ends10Jun12), said, "I think it's going to be great. It's that simple." »

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David Tennant Left A Nervous Wreck By Fame

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

Scottish actor David Tennant has been left a "nervous wreck" by fame - because his job makes him focus on his insecurities.

The former Doctor Who star is one of Britain's best talents, but Tennant reveals he is wracked with doubts when comparing his work to his fellow actors - and his low-self esteem has left him nervous about failing to live up to expectations.

He tells the Radio Times, "It's a fear of failure. I admire other actors' work and then see mine and it seems false and crass.

"As an actor, you put ­yourself up for appraisal on a regular basis, asking for your insecurities to be tweaked. It's no wonder I'm a nervous wreck."

Tennant reveals that he decided to quit his acclaimed role on the classic British sci-fi show over fears he'd be typecast, as well as wanting to escape the huge publicity the series attracts.

He explains, "I wasn't bored but I wanted to quit before it became a job. Mercifully, I haven't been typecast and it opened more doors than it closed.

"I lost a certain amount of privacy. I'm not moaning, because there are huge advantages, but you do end up feeling vulnerable." »

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Nicole Kidman Mans Phones For Charity Telethon

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

Hollywood superstar Nicole Kidman helped boost donations for a children's hospital in her native Australia by manning the phones at a telethon on Monday.

The Hours actress was a special guest at the annual Gold Week fundraiser Down Under, and picked up the phone to take charitable pledges for the Sydney Children's Hospital.

She helped smash the target of $2.2 million (£1.3 million) by adding her own $100,000 (£62,500) donation to the fund.

The Oscar winner is an ambassador for the facility and has visited the hospital several times to meet its young patients. »

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Maria Menounos: 'I Was Violated By A Doctor'

12 June 2012 1:06 AM, PDT

U.S. TV star Maria Menounos has stunned fans by claiming she was violated by a doctor when she was younger.

The Extra host and former Dancing With The Stars contestant was talking to DJ Howard Stern on his radio show on Monday when she made the revelations.

She claimed that she was visiting a physician for a throat issue when she was ordered to put on a hospital gown - before the medic allegedly began touching her genitals.

The star says, "I was really young, so I was so uncomfortable. (My boyfriend) Keven (Undergaro) was in the waiting room and I literally started screaming... I was just so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do."

Menounos added that she had refused to press charges, but now insists on having Undergaro in the room during any medical appointments. »

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Bill Murray Enjoys Slip And Slide At Rain-delayed Baseball Game

11 June 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Actor Bill Murray entertained sports fans in South Carolina on Sunday by running the bases on a tarpaulin-covered baseball field during a rain delay.

The funnyman trotted out during a minor league game in Charleston, and jogged around the field to wild applause.

When he came towards home plate, the baseball fan belly-flopped on the ground and slid in, spraying water everywhere.

His heroics were rewarded by the home team, the Charleston RiverDogs, who gathered around the Lost in Translation star to high five him and welcome the actor into their dug-out to dry off.

Murray is a part-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, an affiliate of the New York Yankees. »

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Dita Von Teese Arrived At Stage Name By Accident

11 June 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese landed her stage name by accident when Playboy bosses insisted on a surname for her Dita - and then misspelled her chosen moniker.

The sexy star, real name Heather Sweet, adopted the name Dita - inspired by 1920s movie star Dita Parlo - when she started work at a strip club in Orange County, California, but when she posed for Playboy in the mid 1990s, editors insisted on a second name.

She tells Hustler magazine, "They told me I had to have a last name. I fought them... I thought 'Von' was really aristocratic and cool. I pulled out the Orange County phone book and saw 'Von Treese' and thought, 'That sounds cool'. So I called Playboy and said, 'I'm going to be Dita Von Treese'.

"Then the magazine comes out... I run to the liquor store and open it up, and there was 'Dita Von Teese'! And it stuck. It's one of those names that seems so perfect, but it was an accident."

And now everyone, but her close friends, family members and boyfriends call her Dita - even ex-husband Marilyn Manson insisted on using her stage name: "He would never call me by my real name because he didn't want to be called by his real name - not even by his family." »

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Zac Efron And Lily Collins' Romance Fizzles Out - Report

11 June 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Hollywood couple Zac Efron and Lily Collins have reportedly split after dating for just three months.

The pair sparked speculation of a romance after they were spotted enjoying an intimate dinner in February, just before Valentine's Day, which they also spent together.

However, the romance has now "fizzled out" due to their hectic schedules, according to Usmagazine.com.

A source tells the website, "They're no longer together. They were never serious, though; it was just a casual thing and it fizzled (out). They were never in the same place at the same time."

Collins had previously dated Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, while Efron had a long-standing public romance with his High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens. »

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Charlize Theron Shaves Her Head For Mad Max

11 June 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Charlize Theron has prepared for the much-anticipated new Mad Max movie by shaving her head.

The Oscar winner showed off her new buzz cut in Hollywood on Monday.

She'll portray Furiosa in Mad Max 4: Fury Road, which is set to start shooting this summer after a two-year delay.

Theron has been attached to the project since 2009 - and she can't wait to team up with Tom Hardy on the set: "It's been three years. It's time to skin this cat already!"

She tells Us Weekly magazine, "The original Mad Max created such a vivid world, so to go back and re-imagine it and re-play in that sandbox sounds like fun to me. Its a really challenging piece of material... I feel very lucky." »

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Denise Richards & Richie Sambora Split - Again

11 June 2012 6:31 PM, PDT

Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have reportedly split again, just weeks after they went public with their rekindled romance.

The actress began dating the Bon Jovi rocker in 2006, shortly after his marriage to Heather Locklear collapsed and the former Bond girl separated from her ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

They subsequently split but reunited last year, confirming the relationship on the red carpet of the 12th Annual Golden Heart Awards in Los Angeles last month.

However, the pair fell out before the Cmt Awards in Nashville last week (ends10Jun12), and they have broken up for a second time, according to Celebuzz.com.

A source tells the website, “It’s over. They had an epic argument in Nashville and Denise told Richie she couldn’t continue the relationship any longer.” »

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