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"Solo: A Star Wars Story"

1 hour ago

Sneak Peek young 'Han Solo' (Alden Ehrenreich) from "Solo: A Star Wars Story", in a new stand alone feature focusing on the early years of the 'roguish space smuggler', co-starring Emilia Clarke ("Game Of Thrones"), opening May 25, 2018:

The events of the new film are set between "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith" (2005)...

...and "Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope" (1977).

"...'Han Solo' was a cadet in the 'Empire' stationed in a forced labor camp where 'Wookiees' were made to do slave labor for the Empire. 

"It wasn't long before Han developed disgust for the Empire's treatment of the Wookiee people...

"...and his friendship with the Wookiee slave 'Chewbacca' led to Han helping in a prison break. 

"Han and Chewbacca became partners, and the two took smuggling jobs from various people, reputable and otherwise..."

"This was the hardest casting challenge of all time," said the producers »

- Michael Stevens

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"The Gifted: Exit Strategy"

4 hours ago

Sneak Peek new footage from the "The Gifted" episode "Exit Strategy", showcasing Marvel Comics 'Sentinels', airing October 23, 2017 on Fox:

"...when the 'mutants' devise a plan to take down 'Sentinel Services', 'Eclipse' seeks out an old friend from his dark past in order to obtain some useful information.

"Meanwhile, 'Lauren' and 'Andy' attempt to combine their powers in order to help the group..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "The Gifted: Exit Strategy"...


- Michael Stevens

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"The Name of the Rose" TV Miniseries

4 hours ago

According to new reports, author Umberto Eco's 14th century-set, mystery novel, "The Name of the Rose", previously adapted by director Jean-Jacques Annaud for the 1986 feature "The Name Of The Rose", will be developed into a $27 miilion budgeted, 8-part TV miniseries from Wild Bunch TV, to be directed by Giacomo Battiato :

"...'Franciscan' friar 'William of Baskerville' and 'Adso of Melk', a 'Benedictine' novice travelling under his protection, arrive at a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy to attend a theological disputation.

"Upon arrival, the monastery is disturbed by a suicide. Then several other monks die under mysterious circumstances. William is tasked by the monastery's abbot to investigate the deaths, and fresh clues with each murder victim lead William to dead ends and new clues.

"The protagonists explore a labyrinthine medieval library, discuss the subversive power of laughter, and come face to face with the 'Inquisition' a path that William had previously forsworn. »

- Michael Stevens

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"Supergirl: Far From The Tree"

5 hours ago

Sneak Peek new footage from the "Supergirl" episode "Far From the Tree", written by Jessica Queller, Derek Simon and directed by Dermott Downs, airing October 23, 2017 on The CW:

"...'Eliza' (Helen Slater) throws 'Alex' (Chyler Leigh) and 'Maggie' (Floriana Lima) a wedding shower, which causes Maggie to reach out to her estranged father (Carlos Bernard).

"Then 'Supergirl' (Melissa Benoist) joins the Martian Manhunter 'J'onn' (David Harewood) on a personal mission..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Supergirl: Far From The Tree"...


- Michael Stevens

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"Batgirl" Movie Updates

5 hours ago

DC Comics' "Batgirl" #19, in support of Warners upcoming stand-alone "Batgirl feature,  is written by Hope Larson and illustrated by Chris Wildgoose, with covers by Dan Mora and Joshua Middleton, available January 24, 2018:

"...when a massive blizzard hits 'Gotham City' without warning, 'Batgirl' must brave the bitter cold to discover the truth behind the storm. Is it an act of nature? Or is the 'Penguin' up to no good? Find out in what promises to be a chilling metropolitan mystery for the ages..."

"We haven't gone out there and said what our slate is, because we'll do it when we're ready and have the films we're excited for," said DC 's Geoff Johns about the new "Batgirl" feature.  

"'But we are doing 'Batgirl' with Joss Whedon, and it's going to be super exciting. He's going to start that next year."

'Batgirl' aka 'Betty Kane' (named after »

- Michael Stevens

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"Freedom Fighters: The Ray"

20 hours ago

Actor Russell Tovey ("Doctor Who") voices DC Comics' 1941 comic book superhero 'The Ray' in the CW Seed animated  series "Freedom Fighters: The Ray":

"Raymond 'Ray' Terrill was a reporter who discovered a group of government scientists...

"...working on a secret project to turn light into a weapon of mass destruction. 

"But before he could report on his findings, the project head exposed Ray to a 'genetic light bomb.' 

"The bomb failing to kill Ray, gifted him with light-based powers. 

"With these abilities, Ray realized he could go beyond reporting on injustice — he could take action to help stop it. 

"Calling himself 'The Ray', he was recruited by the 'Freedom Fighters' to fight 'oppression' wherever it exists..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Freedom Fighters: The Ray"...


- Michael Stevens

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"Ant-Man and The Wasp" Casting Call

20 hours ago

Sneak Peek more leaked images from the set of Marvel Studios' "Ant-Man and The Wasp", plus take a look @ a current casting call to appear in the movie:

"...from the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' comes a new chapter featuring heroes with the astonishing ability to shrink: 'Ant-Man and The Wasp'.

"In the aftermath of 'Captain America: Civil War', 'Scott Lang' (Paul Rudd) grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a superhero and a father. As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man he’s confronted by 'Hope van Dyne' (Evangeline Lilly) and 'Dr. Hank Pym' (Michael Douglas) with an urgent new mission. 

"Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside 'The Wasp' as the team works together to uncover secrets from their past..."

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, 'The Wasp' »

- Michael Stevens

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"The Vampire Diaries" Graphic Novels

16 October 2017 10:28 AM, PDT

DC Comics' official, "The Vampire Diaries" comic book series, starting in 2013, ran 39 issues, 'inspired' by The CW TV series, featuring stories by B. Clay Moore, Colleen Doran, Leah Moore and John Reppion:

"...the series is set in 'Mystic Falls', Virginia, a town charged with supernatural history since its settlement of migrants from New England in the late 19th century. 

"Elena Gilbert' (Nina Dobrev), a teenage girl who has just lost both parents in a car accident, falls in love with a 162-year-old vampire named 'Stefan Salvatore' (Paul Wesley). 

"Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as Stefan's mysterious older brother 'Damon Salvatore' (Ian Somerhalder) returns...

"...with a plan to resurrect his past lover 'Katherine Pierce', a vampire who looks exactly like Elena.

"Although Damon is initially the villain and harbors a grudge against his brother for forcing him to become a vampire, he later reconciles with Stefan and falls in love with Elena, »

- Michael Stevens

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Marvel's "The New Mutants" Horror Movie

16 October 2017 9:49 AM, PDT

Sneak Peek the first footage from the the next "X-Men" movie spin-off, the PG-13 live-action feature "The New Mutants" based on Marvel's "New Mutants", opening April 13, 2018, in what will reportedly be the first in a trilogy of Marvel Comics 'horror' movie adaptations:

"Held in a secret facility against their will, five new 'mutants' have to battle the dangers of their powers, as well as the sins of their past. They aren’t out to save the world — they’re just trying to save themselves."

"We are making a full-fledged horror movie set within the 'X-Men' universe," said director Josh Boone.

"There are no costumes. There are no super-villains. We’re trying to do something very, very different." 

Regarding which "New Mutants" comic the movie will adapt, Boone confirmed:

"We had loved Bill Sienkiewicz’s run with Chris Claremont that had 'Demon Bear'. It was really dark, interesting, and »

- Michael Stevens

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"Knightfall"- 'The Knights Templar''

16 October 2017 9:22 AM, PDT

Sneak Peek more new footage, plus images from the upcoming 10-episode historical drama TV series "Knightfall", executive produced by Jeremy Renner, debuting December 6, 2017 on History:

"...'Knightfall' recounts the fall, persecution and burning at the stake of the 'Knights Templar', as orchestrated by 'Pope Clement V' and 'Philip IV of France' in the year 1307.

"Templar leader 'Sir Landry', a brave warrior discouraged by the 'Templar' failures in the 'Holy Land' is reinvigorated by news that the 'Holy Grail' has resurfaced..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Knightfall"...


- Michael Stevens

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Krysen Ritter: "Women's Health"

16 October 2017 7:19 AM, PDT

Sneak Peek new images of "Jessica Jones" actress Krysten Ritter in the November 2017 issue of "Women's Health" magazine, photographed by Eric Ray Davidson:

"I've always lived out of a suitcase", said Ritter.

"I was in a new city every three months. When I was a model, I traveled the world, and as an actor you're traveling from movie set to movie set. So I've never been in one place long enough for anything super-bad to happen.

"I was totally picked on, but look at me now! I was definitely picked on by boys and girls. I was really lanky and skinny and the boys would say, 'Turn sideways and stick out your tongue, you look like a zipper.'

I've never been a fearful person. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actress, a writer, and a musician and I never really processed that those are the »

- Michael Stevens

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Marvel's "Black Panther" - New Footage

16 October 2017 7:17 AM, PDT

Sneak Peek more new footage from director Ryan Coogler's Marvel Studios superhero feature "Black Panther", based on the Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby:

"'T’Challa' after the events of 'Captain America: Civil War' returns home to the isolated...

"...technologically advanced African nation of 'Wakanda' to take his place as 'King'.

"However, when an old enemy reappears on the radar, T’Challa’s mettle as King and 'Black Panther'...

"...is tested when he is drawn into a conflict that puts the entire fate of Wakanda and the world at risk..."

Cast includes Chadwick Boseman as 'T'Challa/Black Panther', Michael B. Jordan as 'Erik Killmonger', Lupita Nyong'o as 'Nakia', Danai Gurira as 'Okoye', Winston Duke as 'M'Baku'/'Man-Ape', Andy Serkis as 'Ulysses Klaue'/'Klaw'...

...Forest Whitaker as 'Zuri', Martin Freeman as 'Everett Ross', Florence Kasumba as 'Ayo', Daniel Kaluuya as 'W'Kabi', »

- Michael Stevens

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"Ash vs Evil Dead" -Restricted Footage

16 October 2017 7:07 AM, PDT

From RedBand.Ca, Sneak Peek restricted 'red band' footage from Season 2 of the horror comedy TV series "Ash vs Evil Dead", developed by producer/director Sam Raimi as a sequel to Raimi's original "Evil Dead" movie trilogy,  starring actor Bruce Campbell as 'Ash Williams', with Season 3 debuting February 25, 2018 on Starz:

"...'Ash Williams' works at the 'Value Stop' as a stock boy. Also working at the store is his friend 'Pablo' and the object of Pablo's affections, 'Kelly'. 

"Ash has seemingly done very little with his life since returning from 1300 Ad at the end of 'Army of Darkness,' and the beginning of the series sees him living in a trailer and drinking alone in bars. 

"However, Ash must soon renounce his comfortable existence and become a hero once more by taking up arms...

"...and facing the titular 'Evil Dead', with Pablo and Kelly »

- Michael Stevens

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"X-Men: Gambit" Movie Updates

16 October 2017 6:15 AM, PDT

According to new reports, the Fox stand-alone "Gambit" feature, produced by Lauren Shuler Donner, with the working title "Chess", showcasing "X-Men" mutant 'Remy Lebeau' (Channing Tatum) and the female super-villain 'Candra The Benefactress', aka 'Red Death', now has a brief synopsis:

"...'Remy Lebeau' (Tatum) is on trial in New Orleans. He’s considered a huge security risk. We flashback to almost 25 years before. Master thief 'Luke Lebeau' runs into eight-year-old 'Gambit' while doing a heist. Impressed by his skills, he offers to take the mutant orphan under his wings. Raised alongside other strays he calls 'cousins', the teenage Gambit becomes the superstar of the 'Thief Guild'.

"He encounters 'Bella Donna Boudreaux' while on the run from the police. Sparks immediately fly since Bella is also a fellow mutant. 

"Their love is directly prohibited by both families since the Boudreaux family are sworn enemies of the Lebeau clan. Deciding to unite the two sides, »

- Michael Stevens

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