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Ed Sheeran Releases 'Perfect Symphony' Featuring Andrea Bocelli

57 minutes ago

Ed Sheeran has another new "Perfect" rendition.

The ÷ singer released "Perfect Symphony" on Friday with the help of iconic Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli. Like "Perfect Duet" with Beyoncé, "Perfect Symphony" is essentially a duet as well. But the track is given new life with classical instrumentation, as well as Bocelli's verse, which is delivered entirely in his native tongue.

Bocelli's words are roughly a direct translation of what Beyoncé sings in her version, as well as what Sheeran croons in the original, and like with Beyoncé, the song culminates in the two singers harmonizing a final chorus.

Sheeran released an accompanying visual with the song, which features Sheeran and Bocelli laying down their vocal parts. Watch the video below to see and hear the song below.

Sheeran revealed the Bocelli collaboration on last week's Today show.

"It's just kind of like a little present for Christmas. There's a really beautiful video that comes with it," he teased.

"Perfect »

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Matt Damon Sparks Discussion After Controversial Comments About Sexual Misconduct

1 hour ago

Matt Damon has everyone talking. 

The 47-year-old actor sparked a conversation on Friday following his controversial comments on sexual misconduct during a Thursday interview with ABC News' Peter Travers

Damon didn't hold back while giving his opinions on several of the latest sexual harassment and assault scandals, explaining that he believes "there's a spectrum of behavior... [and]  there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

“All of that behavior needs to be confronted, but there is a continuum. And on this end of the continuum where you have rape and child molestation or whatever, you know, that’s prison. Right? And that’s what needs to happen. Ok? And then we can talk about rehabilitation and everything else," he continued. "That’s criminal behavior, and it needs to »

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Idris Elba Says Meghan Markle Will Be a 'Beacon' to the Royal Family

2 hours ago

Idris Elba has a lot of respect for Meghan Markle.

The Luther star attended the One Million Young Dinner at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, where he and his girlfriend, former Miss Vancouver Sabrina Dhowre, met Prince Charles.

While at the event, Elba spoke to Sky News about the impact of Markle marrying Prince Harry, and adding diversity to the royal family.

Calling Markle a "beacon" and a "role model," the 45-year-old actor told the publication, "Meghan Markle, as a person, regardless of her color, is a role model. As a strong woman marrying into our royal family, she's going to be a role model for any woman."

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

"The point is that of course our society is one of mixed heritage and it's nice to see Meghan within the royal family. It's great," he explained. "And of course she's going to be a beacon and of course she's going to be someone that people »

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'It' Kids Cast Chris Pratt, Jessica Chastain and More in Dream Sequel (Exclusive)

2 hours ago

The kids from It have some pretty genius ideas about which actors should be cast in the sequel.

Et caught up with some of the stars of director Andy Muschietti’s remake of the 1990 miniseries at a press junket for the movie's home entertainment release in Los Angeles on Thursday, where they revealed which celebrities they'd love to see portray their adult counterparts in It: Chapter 2.

Jeremy Ray Taylor, who plays the beloved Ben, says it would be awesome to see a certain Avengers star in the sequel, which will focus on the Losers' Club reuniting 30 years after their first encounter with Pennywise (Bill Skarsgård). Needless to say, we think it's perfect!

"Probably Chris Pratt," he exclaimed.

Getty Images

Seeing as his costar, Wyatt Oleff, worked alongside Pratt as young Peter Quill in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, this dream casting isn't too far fetched.

"He becomes a big, hunky boy, so I think »

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Becky G Explains Controversial 'Mayores' Lyric Was 'Done With Intention' (Exclusive)

2 hours ago

Becky G is setting the record straight!

With nearly 800 million views on YouTube, the 20-year-old singer has scored a massive smash with her infectious Spanish single, “Mayores.” The tongue-in-cheek bop about fancying older gentlemen features racy lyrics that fans can’t seem to stop discussing.

“I think it's great. I'm not one to say, ‘Bad press is good press because people are talking.’ Not at all. That lyric was done with intention,” Becky explained to Et on Thursday, just ahead of her iHeartRadio Mi Musica show presented by JCPenney in Los Angeles.

The brunette beauty continued, “It was very well thought of. It's clear that I'm speaking about the kisses and that's not my responsibility what other people think of when they hear the lyric.”

Becky said she’s using the narrative of “Mayores” to start a conversation about feminism in music. “With the platform that I have been given, I can act on »

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Here's How Meghan Markle and the Royal Family Will Spend Christmas: A Breakdown of the Festivities (Exclusive)

2 hours ago

Meghan Markle's got a busy holiday ahead of her!

The former Suits star will be spending Christmas with her fiance, Prince Harry, and the royal family, at Queen Elizabeth II's country estate, Sandringham, Et previously reported -- and now we have a breakdown of all the holiday traditions Markle will experience for the first time. 

"Firstly, it's important to stress that this is a completely new departure from Christmas with reference to the royal family. Normally, the protocol is pretty strict," royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams tells Et. "In the past, when Kate Middleton was engaged to William and also when Mike Tindall was engaged to Princess Anne’s daughter, Zara Phillips, they didn’t, as [an] unmarried [couple], spend Christmas with the queen." 

"Obviously Meghan’s parents are in the United States, but the main reason [Markle is invited] is clearly that it’s what Harry wished," he continues. "But I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it wasn’t »

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8 Old School Disney Channel Shows That Deserve a Reboot

2 hours ago

Many of us grew up with TV shows on Disney Channel, planning our Friday nights around the premiere of every single new Disney Channel Original Movie. We laughed, we cried and we prayed that our secret twin sibling would show up out of nowhere, while simultaneously finding out that our mother was born a leprechaun.

The last few years have given all Disney Channel kids hope with the return of That’s So Raven and Boy Meets World via their respective spinoffs, Raven’s Home and Girl Meets World. (Adult Shawn Hunter, anyone?) If you love baby Sarah Jessica Parker and the Sanderson sisters as much as the rest of the world, you probably jumped for joy when a Hocus Pocus remake was announced. Oh, and who can forget the huge news that the Wildcats will return to East High in High School Musical 4?

Sure, all of these reboots are great, but so many more »

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Taraji P. Henson Confirms Relationship With Former NFL Player Kelvin Hayden

2 hours ago

Taraji P. Henson is a happy gal!

The Empire star confirmed her long-rumored relationship with former NFL player Kelvin Hayden. During an interview with Essence's Yes, Girl podcast, Henson dished about her two-year-long romance.

"I'm happy in my personal life. Finally it has happened to me!" the 47-year-old actress shared.

Henson has always been private about her personal life, but the Hidden Figures actress couldn't help but openly talk about her boyfriend.

"I’m not the type to blast my personal business but, you know, I think that it’s important for people to know that I’m happy," she continued. "I’m very, very happy. I just am. We’ve been together for two years. And no one would really know that because I don’t blast my info like that, but I’m very happy."

Earlier this year in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, Henson spoke about her dating life and how the man she's »

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Kim Zolciak Biermann Says She and NeNe Leakes Will Never Be Friends Again (Exclusive)

3 hours ago

NeNe Leakes just went "too far." 

Et sat down with Kim Zolciak Biermann in New York on Wednesday, where she addressed her feud with NeNe Leakes, declaring that while the two have been able to repair their relationship before, this time, Leakes crossed a line she can't come back from.

"Nene and I have been on a roller coaster ride forever, but when you make comments [about being] part of the Kkk, it's a little bit too far for me and my family and my husband," Kim shared. 

NeNe and Kim's feud erupted over Instagram in October, when Kim's daughter, Brielle, posted a video about allegedly finding cockroaches at NeNe's house. NeNe then took to social media to slam Kim's family with an explicit message accusing Kim and her family of being racist.

"It's definitely hard to bounce back from, and to put that in somebody's head, it's just foolish and ignorant, but that's social »

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Eminem Recalls Near Overdose Death in Letters to Daughter Hailie on New Song 'Castle'

3 hours ago

Eminem loves his daughter.

The rapper's star-studded new Revival album, which includes features from Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Pink, Kehlani and more, deals with candid topics of Em's life, from a nearly fatal drug overdose, to his struggles with ex-wife Kim Scott, and, one of his favorite subjects -- his daughter, Hailie.

In "Castle," the 19-track album's penultimate song, Eminem recites three letters to his now 21-year-old daughter, dated at various points in his life.

In the first two, dated Dec. 1, 1995 and 1996, are from weeks before Hailie was born (her birthday is Christmas) and just ahead of her first birthday, respectively. Eminem agonizes over being able to support his baby-to-be financially, ultimately strengthening his resolve to make it as a rapper, as well as marveling at typical father things, like Hailie's likeness to her mother.

"You'll be coming out of Mommy's stomach soon/ I better do something quick if I'ma be able to support you," he raps »

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‘Agents of Shield’s Henry Simmons on How Life Aboard the Lighthouse May Push Mack 'Past the Edge' (Exclusive)

3 hours ago

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are lost in space -- and the situation is only getting more dire.

After a mysterious force transported the agents to a dystopian future -- where Earth has been destroyed and its remaining citizens live out a bleak existence under Kree rule on a massive space station known as The Lighthouse -- in the season five premiere, the team has quickly learned that staying alive in this latest reality might be their most dangerous mission yet.

“It’s incredibly new, a new domain where there are entities and people that are much more powerful than us, and we don’t have our resources,” series star Henry Simmons, who plays S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie, tells Et. “We have to figure out how to survive. Usually it’s just fighting people and beating back bad guys, but now we have to survive.”

As they attempt »

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The Biggest Celebrity Feuds of 2017

3 hours ago

There was no shortage of celebrity beefs in 2017.

Whether the fights were between co-stars or once close friends, the shade just kept coming. Let's take a look back at the most intense celebrity feuds of the year.

1. Blac Chyna vs. Rob Kardashian

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's split turned a new level of nasty when the former couple exchanged wild accusations against one another in a heated, Nsfw social media war in June. Kardashian shared graphic naked photos of Chyna, accused her of cheating on him multiple times and also accused her of being on drugs. Meanwhile, Chyna took to Snapchat to accuse Kardashian of also cheating on her and being physically abusive.

One month later, a judge granted Chyna's request for a temporary restraining order against Kardashian.

"Revenge porn is a form of domestic abuse," Chyna's attorney, Lisa Bloom, said during a press conference.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

But the two now appear to be keeping »

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How 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Pays Tribute to the Late Carrie Fisher

3 hours ago

Spoilers below for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is an emotional film, for many reasons, markedly because it is the last time the late Carrie Fisher will appear onscreen as Princess-cum-General Leia Organa. I made it to the end in one piece, though, a bit misty eyed perhaps and with the occasional ache of melancholy, until a dedication played midway through the credits: "In Loving Memory of Our Princess, Carrie Fisher."

Then everything came bubbling up and the theater chose that moment, as a truly unexpected amount of tears sprung forth, to flip on the house lights. And, of course, I wasn't alone. Looking around at the other damp, red eyes, the blotchy, streaked cheeks, it was and still is unfathomable to imagine what the next Star Wars episode will be like without Carrie as Leia, to think of how her absence will be explained away. (Episode IX was meant »

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Billie Lourd Pays Tribute to Carrie Fisher as 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Premieres

4 hours ago

Carrie Fisher may be gone, but never forgotten.

Hours after fans flocked to theaters on Thursday night to catch the highly anticipated premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the late actress' daughter, Billie Lourd, took to Instagram to share a sweet tribute.

Lourd posted a throwback photo from December 2015 of her and her mother on the red carpet at the Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere in Hollywood, California. The two appeared to be happier than ever at the time, smiling and hugging as photographers captured their pic.

"I miss you," Lourd captioned it.

If you plan to see The Last Jedi, be sure to stay for the credits, as director Rian Johnson included a special tribute to Fisher, who died last December at 60 years old.

"In Loving Memory of Our Princess, Carrie Fisher," a dedication on the screen reads shortly into the credits.

The film's red carpet premiere earlier this month was a bittersweet »

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Will Smith Responds to Justin Timberlake's Instagram Welcome With Hilarious Advice for the Super Bowl

5 hours ago

Justin Timberlake had no idea what he was getting himself into. 

The 36-year-old singer innocently welcomed Will Smith to Instagram on Thursday with a tutorial on Throwback Thursday, but we have a feeling Smith's response is a little more than he bargained for. 

Smith took to his newly created account on Friday to thank Timberlake for the post, before offering him some hilarious advice for his upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance. 

"Jt! Thanks a lot man for the post, the brief education about Instagram, man, because this is my first day, so I appreciate the hookup. But I know what Throwback Thursday is, man. I ain't been in a hole," Smith said, before sharing "things to avoid at the  Super Bowl" -- and flashing his nipple!

"Avoid that. Avoid that," he said with a laugh, obviously referencing Timberlake's last time on the Super Bowl halftime stage in 2004, when he exposed Janet Jackson's breast. 

"I'm stupid," Smith »

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Kicks, Quips His Way Back into Spotlight (Exclusive)

6 hours ago

It’s hard to imagine the indefatigable Jean-Claude Van Damme ever tapping out, but after wrapping his new Amazon series, Jean-Claude Van Johnson, the actor needed time to recharge after a surprisingly emotional experience on what, on the surface, seemed like a lighthearted action-comedy show.

“I truly believed in every one of those characters, and it destroyed me -- physically, mentality. It ripped me up,” Van Damme recalls to Et. “At the end of the show, I was very tired, like, ‘Aaaahhh.’”

Most action stars of the ‘90s traded on a grim stoicism, dispatching enemies and saving nations with little more than a grunt. But Van Damme was different, using a light touch and a charming personality to go along with his spinning jump kicks to become an international superstar, one equally at ease with kicking a mascot in the face in Sudden Death and swapping jokes with the Friends gang.

“The thing that always »

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Emma Slater Shares Pics From Drew Scott & Linda Phan's First Dance Wedding Rehearsals

6 hours ago

Drew Scott and Linda Phan are gearing up for their special day -- with help from Emma Slater and Sasha Farber!

In anticipation of their spring 2018 wedding, the Property Brothers stars have teamed up with the professional dancers, who are choreographing their first dance.

Slater took to Instagram on Thursday to share a series of silly snaps from Scott and Phan's dance lessons, and we gotta admit, it looks like they're having too much fun!

"Look who’s learning their wedding dance!!" Slater wrote. "This day was hysterical! I gotta say, even though Drew has had some incredible dance training ( »

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Watch Danielle Bradbery's Stunning 'O Holy Night' Performance (Exclusive)

6 hours ago

Danielle Bradbery is getting in the Christmas spirit. 

The 21-year-old "Sway" singer stopped by Et's Certified Country set to deliver a stunning, stripped-down rendition of the holiday classic, "O Holy Night." 

"I always grew up listening to it and I love hearing all the versions," she says, citing Carrie Underwood's take as one of her favorites. "It's just such a beautiful song." 

Bradbery will head home to Houston, Texas, to spend the holiday with her family -- a sweet ending to a huge year for the singer. Four years after winning The Voice and dropping her self-titled debut in 2013, Bradbery released her sophomore album, I Don't Believe We've Met, earlier this month. 

"I have been just nonstop, but it's the greatest busy that you could be," she says. "It's been pretty exciting." 

While her new LP makes a great stocking stuffer for 2017, Bradbery is open to curating her own collection of holiday tunes in the future »

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Lisa Vanderpump Says 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 6 Features Her Biggest Disappointment Ever (Exclusive)

6 hours ago

The first two, jaw-dropping episodes of Vanderpump Rules are nothing compared to the rest of the season, according to Lisa Vanderpump.

Season six opened with a bang (no pun intended) when it was revealed that Jax Taylor cheated on longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with her friend and former Sur co-worker, Faith Stowers. At first Jax denied Faith's claims, but by episode two he confessed to doing the deed.

Trust me, I'm the producer on that show, and when I saw episode two, I'm thinking, 'This should be the finale,’” Lisa tells Et. “It's so explosive. It's like, how did we get there so quickly? We got there because Jax Taylor is driving that bus.”

“It's a fast and furious ride,” she adds. “Anything that starts with 'I heard' I normally don't believe, but when it comes to Jax Taylor, unfortunately, I do. So, he's guilty kind of before he's proven innocent … He doesn't understand that life's not all about »

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Kris Jenner's Christmas Decorations Are Out of Control -- See the Festive Pics!

7 hours ago

Kris Jenner is officially the queen of Christmas.

The 62-year-old momager took her holiday spirit to the next level this year, going all out with her decorations that have us feeling seriously feel bad for her neighbors. There's no way to keep up with this! 

Kim Kardashian West shared what Christmas at Kris' is like via Snapchat on Thursday, and it's amazing. From rainbow-colored lights to life-size Nutcrackers to a giant polar bear statue, the reality star really outdid herself this holiday season.

"My favorite thing to do is ride around town and show my kids all the Christmas tree lights," Kim explained in a video. "They haven't seen my mom's house decorated yet. She did a rainbow theme."

In another video, Kim tours Kris' house with her 4-year-old daughter, North.

"Oh my gosh, are those real reindeer?" Kim excitedly exclaims, as North adorably replies, "No, they're not."

Kim also explained »

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