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Poll: Improbably Perfect Hair

Each of the following characters engages in action scenes which would make anyone's hair a complete mess. Yet somehow they enter and exit every situation with absolutely flawless hair.

Based on this description of which character came to your mind immediately? If we captured him/her on this list below, vote appropriately, otherwise suggest it on this forum and we might add it.

It's not just characters with great hair, to qualify they have to be in a physically exerting situations (even if it doesn't make them breathe hard) yet still maintain ridiculously perfect hair.

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    Jill Munroe

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    Roger Moore

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    Roy Batty

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    Derek Flint

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    Princess Leia Organa

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    Elise Clifton-Ward

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    Jenny Hanley

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    Mia Wallace

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    May Day

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    Dick Steele

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