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Poll: You don't know Jack! Or do you?

Famous Jacks in movies. Who's your favorite?

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    Jack Torrance

    The Shining
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    Jack Burton

    Big Trouble in Little China
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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    Pirates of the Carribean
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    Jack Skellington

    Nightmare Before Christmas
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    Jack-Jack Parr

    The Incredibles
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    Jack Crabb

    Little Big Man
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    Dr. Cassandra

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    Jack Kerouac

    Big Sur
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    Jack Ryan

    Hunt for Red October
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    Sergeant Jack Keller

    Jack the Giant Slayer
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    Jack Arnold Alexander Tancred Gurney

    The Ruling Class
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    Jack Frost

    The Santa Clause
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    Jack Dawson

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    Jack Reacher

    Jack Reacher
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    Jack Goodman

    American Werewolf in London
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    Jack Walsh

    Midnight Run
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    Officer Jack Traven

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    Jack Byrnes

    Meet the Parents
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    Jack T. Colton

    Romancing the Stone
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    Jack Driscoll

    King Kong
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    Jack Carter

    Get Carter
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    Jack Twist

    Brokeback Mountain
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    Jack Powell