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Poll: Middle Child Syndrome on TV ...

Which of these TV adults/kids characters do you think best defines the middle-child-syndrome? (feeling of being less loved and valued than the eldest and/or youngest siblings)

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    Lisa Simpson

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    Theodore 'Theo' Huxtable

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    Jan Brady

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    Malcolm Wilkerson

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    Lucy Camden

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    Sue Heck

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    Tommy Walker

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    Stannis Baratheon

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    Stephanie Tanner

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    Piper Halliwell

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    Laura Ingalls Wilder

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    Danny Partridge

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    Lady Edith Crawley

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    Tom Scavo

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    Leonard Hofstadter

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    Erin Walton

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    Cory Matthews

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    Kerry Hennessy

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    Hayley Shanowski

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    Carol Seaver

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    Darlene Conner

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    Michael Bluth

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    Kyra Hart

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    Alex Dunphy

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    Gary Ewing

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    David Fisher

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    Carlton Banks

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    Mallory Keaton

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    Wayne Arnold

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    Bobby Draper