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Poll: Biggest Fool on TV

On this April Fool's Day, let's celebrate the biggest fool of all. Which of these live action TV characters is the stupidest of all time?

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    Hilary Banks

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    Ted Baxter

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    Mr. Bean

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    Jerri Blank

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    Gob Bluth

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    Jethro Bodine

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    Woody Boyd

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    David Brent

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    Kelly Bundy

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    Dick Casablancas

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    Haley Dunphy

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    Phil Dunphy

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    Andy Dwyer

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    Erlich Bachman

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    Barney Fife

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    Tobias Fünke

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    Ralph Furley

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    Pierce Hawthorne

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    Murray Hewitt

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    Randy Hickey

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    Mallory Keaton

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    Michael Kelso

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    Hank Kingsley

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    Ralph Kramden

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    Cosmo Kramer

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    Lowell Mather

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    Ernie 'Coach' Pantusso

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    Kenny Powers

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    Dennis Reynolds

    and Charlie Reynolds
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    Jonah Ryan

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    Michael Scott

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    Maxwell Smart

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    Chrissy Snow

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    Joey Tribbiani

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    John 'Pops' Williams