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Poll: Most Memorable Character to win Oscar Best Actress in past 26 Years

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    Annie Wilkes

    From Misery (1990). A creepy super fan. 1991
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    Clarice Starling

    From The Silence of the Lambs (1991). Female agent against human cannibal. 1992
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    Margaret Schlegel

    As played by Emma Thompson from Howards End (1992). Bourgeoisie sister struggle with family, love, and justice. 1993
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    Ada McGrath

    As played by Holly Hunter from The Piano (1993). A life of mute pianist with cuts off index finger. 1994
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    Carly Marshall

    From Blue Sky (1994). Mentally unbalanced wife. 1995
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    Sister Helen Prejean

    From Dead Man Walking (1995). A struggling Sister between justice and personal relationship. 1996
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    Marge Gunderson

    From Fargo (1996). A pregnant police chief trying to solve dangerous crime. 1997
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    Carol Connelly

    From As Good as It Gets (1997). A waitress, a mother who has sick son, and falling in love with sass-old man. 1998
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    Viola De Lesseps

    From Shakespeare in Love (1998). A rich girl, fighting love for common stage writer. 1999
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    Brandon Teena

    From Boys Don't Cry (1999). A girl, struggling with sexual identity and sexual orientation. 2000
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    Erin Brockovich

    From Erin Brockovich (2000). Biography of Erin Brockovich. A single jobless mother trying to make good to other people. 2001
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    Leticia Musgrove

    From Monster's Ball (2001). A struggling black mother with obesity son and husband in prison, having relationship with white cop. 2002
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    Virginia Woolf

    From The Hours (2002). Biography of Virginia Woolf. A female modern novelist. 2003
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    Aileen Wuornos

    From Monster (2003). Biography of Aileen Wuornos. A serial killer prostitute. 2004
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    Maggie Fitzgerald

    From Million Dollar Baby (2004). Female boxer fighting up to the last breath. 2005
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    June Carter

    From Walk the Line (2005). Music, wife, and mother. 2006
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    Queen Elizabeth II

    From The Queen (2006). A queen to country and a queen to family. 2007
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    Edith Piaf

    From La Vie en Rose (2007). Biography of Edith Piaf. One of the most recognize French diva. Struggling with life, love, fame, voice, and drugs. 2008
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    Hanna Schmitz

    From The Reader (2008). To read is to love. 2009
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    Leigh Anne Tuohy

    From The Blind Side (2009). Biography of Leigh Anne Tuohy. A Christian, a mother to two children, a white who raise black kid that become one of the best football player. 2010
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    Nina Sayers

    From Black Swan (2010). To be The Black Swan, is the highest price. 2011
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    Margaret Thatcher

    From The Iron Lady (2011). Biography of Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady. 2012
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    From Silver Linings Playbook (2012). A funny life of recent widow in twenty's with mental unbalance, falling to man with bipolar disorder. 2013
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    From Blue Jasmine (2013). Mentally unbalance post-bankrupt socialite girl who lost everything, husband, son, money, and mostly herself. 2014
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    Alice Howland

    From Still Alice (2014). A fights of an linguistic professor who experiencing memory loss and forgetting words because of Alzheimer disease. 2015
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    From Room (2015). A mother trying to freed herself and find happiness after locked in a room for seven years. (added 03-03-2016)