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Poll: Favorite TV Eccentric Genius

There is sort of a trope for brilliant minds who are 'cloudcuckoolanders'--characters who are heads and shoulders above everybody in their particular sphere of knowledge or work. But when it comes to everyday life, social skills, or 'common sense', they can be quite oblivious, weird or even crazy. Often there's a certain charm about them because of this, especially among characters who've known them long enough--and because they're so good in the fields where they're needed, their associates will put up with their eccentricities even if they might be in some cases very off-putting normally. They'll humor them, or in cases of 'cloudcuckoolanders', sort of be their 'minder'.

Which of these from TV is your favorite?

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    Dr. Walter Bishop

    On LSD or other various 'self-medication' half the time supposedly, and was in an insane asylum for 17 years.... His mind often goes off onto frivolous or irrelevant tangents from the tasks at hand, and he comically mistakes the name (differently each time) of his main "minder" (besides his son Peter) on the team, Astrid. And he keeps a dairy cow ("Gene") in the lab as a pet. But this brilliant scientist is the key brain for solving most of the mysteries the Fringe team encounters.
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    Sheldon Cooper

    Ah, where to begin with Sheldon's 'quirks'.... He can be quite obsessive-compulsive and obnoxiously insufferable (but he means well, he really does). We don't see him in his professional capacity (theoretical physicist) so much as his personal one, but he does have friends who look out for him and tolerate him (inexplicably, as they themselves may think sometimes)... but probably because they sense he does mean well, but can't help himself. Penny and Leonard are his main 'minders'.
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    Dr. Gregory House

    Crass bedside manner, can be loathsomely insensitive, and jaw-droppingly obnoxious to his coworkers. But his genius has solved many medical mysteries and saved many lives, and we see that deep down he does everything in his power to do right by his patients.
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    Adrian Monk

    His extreme obsessive-compulsiveness, debilitating as it can be for him personally and professionally, is actually key to his uncanny crimesolving genius. He also has many phobias, as are listed on the wall behind him in this image. He has a full time personal aide (a professional minder if you will) who accompanies him everywhere, even to crime scenes, to dispense handiwipes and generally help him be somewhat functional out in the scary world. The cops on the force all roll their eyes at his obsessive quirks, but they respectfully rely on him for tough cases.
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    Temperance Brennan

    The user cocken describes her: Extremely good at what she does (forensic anthropologist), but at the same time extremely socially awkward. She has no social graces, she doesn't understand jokes, doesn't know pop culture, has no fashion sense. In everyday situations and family matters she has to be told (mostly by Booth, sometimes by Angela) what's the right thing to do.
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    Sherlock Holmes

    The user Cartman_1337 describes him: He can lead an entire conversation with you oblivious that you're not in the same room or even building as him. He may ask you to travel across half the town to borrow your phone because he can't be bothered to get up from his chair to get his own in the next room - "there was no hurry...". For his own amusement he'll detail your entire life and personality by looking at your for a few seconds, and he loves to show off on it. Addicted to tobacco, but can't be bothered to smoke, because it's too slow, and instead uses a number of patches depending on the difficulty of his current case - "it was a three-patch problem...". He know the UK train schedule by heart, but is oblivious that the Earth orbits around the sun, because "it's not important". Has a very direct way of presenting his findings, and regards anyone who are unable to see things the same way he does as stupid, and wonders what it must be like to be like that.