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Poll: This Ain't No Comic Book!

Those superhero characters made their first appearances on screen, not in comic books. Which one is your favorite?

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    Rick Riker

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    The Toxic Avenger

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    The Crimson Bolt

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    John Hancock

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    The Red Ranger

    ...or any other Power Ranger.
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    Spencer Griffith

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    The Strobe

    ...or any other "Special".
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    David Dunn

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    Nick Gant

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    Daniel Leight

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    Andrew Detmer

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    ...or any other "Superbaby".
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    ...or any other "Powerpuff Girl".
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    Mr. Incredible

    ...or any other "Incredible".
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    Black Scorpion

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    Captain Zoom

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    Metro Man

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    Steve Nichols

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    Darryl Walker

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    Jefferson Reed

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    Captain Hammer

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    Carter Nash

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    Ralph Hinkley

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    Turbo Man

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    Mermaid Man

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    Barnacle Boy

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    The Commander

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    The Crimson Chin