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Poll: Which Ryan Gosling Character Are You?

You most likely love him or want to be him, so now's your chance to declare which one of his characters you are!

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    From Only God Forgives: Troubled and immoral.
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    Jacob Palmer

    From Crazy, Stupid, Love.: Confident and sexy.
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    From The Place Beyond the Pines: Reckless and headstrong.
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    Sgt. Jerry Wooters

    From Gangster Squad: Determined and flirtatious.
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    From The Notebook: Passionate and hard-working.
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    From Drive: Quiet and dangerous.
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    From Blue Valentine: Romantic but volatile.
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    Stephen Meyers

    From The Ides of March: Idealistic and smart.
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    Lars Lindstrom

    From Lars and the Real Girl: Introverted and a bit delusional.
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    Willy Beachum

    From Fracture: Successful but arrogant.
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    Dan Dunne

    From Half Nelson: Idealistic with self-afflictive troubles.
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    Richard Haywood

    From Murder by Numbers: Cool and menacing.