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Poll: Who would you want to be trapped in a car trunk with?

Which of these movie characters who have been trapped in car trunks would you most like to join?

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    Marty McFly

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    Keiko Nishi

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    Jeremy Reins

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    Casey Welson

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    James Bond

    in Diamonds Are Forever
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    Billy Batts

    played by Frank Vincent
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    Mr. Chow

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    Ringo Starr

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    Lulu Driscoll

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    Sgt. Nicholas Angel

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    Beaumont Livingston

    played by Chris Tucker
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    Sofie Fatale

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    Celine Naville

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    Mary Goodnight

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    Jacques Mesrine

    and François Besse
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    Jack Foley

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    Karen Sisco

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    Martin 'Marty' Bishop

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    Mitat Yilmaz

    played by Marc Andréoni
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    Cybil Waingrow

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