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Poll: Who has the Right Stuff: Movie and TV Astronauts?

The first week in May holds a double treat for space enthusiasts. National Astronaut Day is May 5th and International Space Day aka National Space Day is the first Friday in May each year.

Which courageous fictional movie or TV astronaut* best exemplifies having the "right stuff"? *fictional human characters who served with NASA or another earth space agency

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    Mark Watney

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    Howard Wolowitz

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    Dr. Ryan Stone

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    John Crichton

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    Dr. Dave Bowman

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    Steve Austin

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    Major Anthony Nelson

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    Matt Kowalski

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    Maurice J. Minnifield

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    Admiral Al Calavicci

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    Eleanor Arroway

    Jodie Foster and Jena Malone portray the adult and younger versions of Eleanor Arroway in Contact
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    Harry S. Stamper

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    Buck Rogers

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    David Jordan

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    Mike Miller

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    George Taylor

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    Molly Woods

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    Hawk Hawkins

    Tommy Lee Jones and Eli Craig portray the adult and younger versions of Hawk Hawkins in Space Cowboys
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    Frank Corvin

    Clint Eastwood and Toby Stephens portray the adult and younger versions of Frank Corvin in Space Cowboys
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    Captain Charles T. Baker

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    Vincent Freeman

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    Jack Harper

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    Captain Leo Davidson

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    A.J. Frost

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    Woody Blake

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    Cmdr. Kate Bowman

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    Spurgeon Tanner

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    Charles Farmer

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    Tanya Kirbuk

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    Commander Spencer Armacost

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    Garrett Breedlove