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Poll: TV Small Town LAW

Which of these Television (2005-Present) US small town sheriffs/law-keepers is your favorite?

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    Sheriff Jack Carter

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    Sheriff Graham

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    Lucas Hood

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    Emma Swan

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    Rick Grimes

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    Elias 'Eli' Thompson

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    Raylan Givens

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    Abbie Mills

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    Joshua Nolan

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    Harold Jensen

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    Jason Stackhouse

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    Andy Bellefleur

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    Eric Northman

    Sheriff of Area 5
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    Sheriff Walt Longmire

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    Sheriff Charlie Mills

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    Audrey Parker

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    Nathan Wuornos

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    Sheriff Howard 'Duke' Perkins

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    Sheriff Tom Underlay

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    John Rayburn

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    Sheriff Pope

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    Hank Larson

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    Sheriff Bill

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    Alex Romero

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    Sheriff Tom Sworn

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    Sheriff Carl Daggett

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    Detective Marty Hart

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    Detective Rust Cohle