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Poll: Favorite Count

Which character with the title of "Count" do you like best?

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    The Count

    Pirate Radio (2009).
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    Count Adhemar

    A Knight's Tale (2001)
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    Count Andrenyi

    Murder on the Orient Express (1974).
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    Count von Count

    Sesame Street.
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    Edmond Dantès

    The Count of Monte Cristo
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    Count Dooku

    Sith Lord
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    Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

    Count Dracula
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    Count Duckula

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    Count von Krolock

    The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967).
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    Count Laszlo de Almásy

    The English Patient (1996).
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    Count Marzo

    From He-man and the Masters of the Universe (1983).
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    Count Von Mertzbach

    The Song of Songs (1973)
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    Count Olaf

    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
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    The Three Musketeers.
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    Count Rostov

    War and Peace (1991)
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    Count Tyrone Rugen

    The Princess Bride (1987). The six fingered man that killed Inigo Montoya's father.
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    Count Werner Vertigo

    From the DC Universe.
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    Count Vronsky

    Anna Karenina (2012).