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Poll: The Best Satanic Archetype

Which of these villainous characters best demonstrates the attributes of the biblical Satan?

LIMITS: Only one character per performer and franchise.

EXCLUDED: Real/historical individuals and mythological characters.

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    Alessa Gillespie

    Leader of minions, bound in hell & ruler of hell (i.e. Silent Hill).
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    Manipulator, mastermind, seducer.
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    Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

    Manipulator, leader of minions, spirit possessor.
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    Ruler of hell (i.e. Scorch), leader of minions, foe of [fairies].
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    Shape-shifter, manipulator, foe of humanity.
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    Foe of humanity, leader of minions, seducer.
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    Dr. Hannibal Lecter

    Manipulator, deceiver, mastermind.
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    Count Dracula in 'Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein'

    Seducer, shape-shifter, leader of minions.
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    Emperor Palpatine

    Foe of humanity, mastermind, seducer.
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    Foe of humanity, leader of minions, deceiver.
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    Grand High Witch

    Foe of humanity, deceiver, leader of minions.
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    Deceiver, manipulator, shape-shifter.
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    Deceiver, traitor, mastermind.
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    Deceiver, traitor, shape-shifter.
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    Lord Voldemort

    Mastermind, spirit possessor, foe of humanity.
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    Lorne Malvo

    Manipulator, deceiver, corrupter.
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    Shape-shifter, leader of minions, foe of humanity.
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    Man in Black

    Shape-shifter, manipulator, deceiver.
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    Marissa Wiegler

    Leader of minions, manipulator, deceiver.
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    Miranda Priestly

    Manipulator, mastermind, deceiver.
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    Mr. Book

    Foe of humanity, leader of minions, deceiver.
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    Traitor, foe of humanity, bound in hell (i.e. above the sun).
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    Foe of humanity, lord of the dead, deceiver.
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    Foe of humanity, bound in hell (i.e. Mordor), manipulator.
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    Shao Kahn

    Ruler of hell (i.e. Outworld), shape-shifter, foe of humanity.
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    Sheriff Lucas Buck

    Deal-maker, manipulator, father of the Antichrist.
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    The Horned King

    Leader of minions, foe of humanity, lord of the dead.
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    The Joker

    Foe of humanity, mastermind, leader of minions.
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    The White Witch

    Seducer, leader of minions, foe of [Narnians].
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    Deal-maker, foe of [Autobots], leader of minions.
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    Deceiver, deal-maker, shape-shifter.
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    Leader of minions, deceiver, mastermind.