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Poll: Most Annoying TV Characters Ever

Entertainment Weekly made a list with the 21 most annoying TV characters ever, and IMDb poll users added their characters.

If these characters were real, which one of them would make you the most angry if you met them in real life?

No animation characters.

You can let out your anger here (but please not on us).

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    Andrea Harrison

    From The Walking Dead
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    Kim Bauer

    From 24
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    Nikki Fernandez

    and Paulo

    From Lost

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    Janice Litman

    From Friends
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    Sam McKinney

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    Oliver Trask

    from The O.C.
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    Kimmy Gibbler

    from Full House
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    Arnold Horshack

    from Welcome Back Kotter
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    J.D. Lutz

    from 30 Rocks
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    Will Schuester

    from Glee
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    Dr. April Kepner

    from Grey's Anatomy
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    Susan Delfino

    from Desperate Housewives
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    Samuel 'Screech' Powers

    from Saved by the Bell
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    Henry Mills

    from Once Upon A Time
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    Dawn Summers

    from Buffy
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    Peter Benton

    from ER
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    Janice Soprano Baccalieri

    from Sopranos
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    from Supernatural
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    Georgina Sparks

    from Gossip Girl
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    from Buffy
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    Sheldon Cooper

    from The Big Bang Theory
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    Fran Fine

    from The Nanny
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    Carl Grimes

    from The Walking Dead
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    Gina Linetti

    from Brooklyn Nine Nine
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    Susie Greene

    from Curb Your Enthusiasm (1999)
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    Phyllis Vance

    from The Office
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    Skyler White

    from Breaking Bad
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    Lucille Carter

    from Here's Lucy
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    from Whitney
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    Tyler Evans

    from V
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    Rachel Berry

    from Glee
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    Pierce Hawthorne

    from Community
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    Sondra Huxtable Tibideaux

    from The Cosby Show
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    Craig Feldspar

    from Malcolm in the Middle
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    Wesley Crusher

    from Star Trek: The Next Generation