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Poll: Favorite Harrison Ford Character

Although he's never won an Academy Award, Harrison Ford has brought numerous memorable characters to life on the big screen. Which one is your favorite performance (Other than "Han" or "Indy". See Note)?

Note: List is limited to films on IMDb rated 6.5 or higher. In addition, fan favorites "Han Solo" and "Indiana Jones" are excluded since a separate Face-Off Poll exists for those choices.

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    William Jones

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    Branch Rickey

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    Dr. Stonehill

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    Mike Pomeroy

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    Max Brogan

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    Capt. Alexei Vostrikov

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    Norman Spencer

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    Jack Ryan

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    Dr. Richard Kimble

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    Henry Turner

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    Rozat 'Rusty' Sabich

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    Jack Trainer

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    Dr. Richard Walker

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    Allie Fox

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    John Book

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    Rick Deckard

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    Colonel Lucas

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    Martin Stett

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    Bob Falfa