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Poll: EVERYONE is on TV in 2014!

Many actors better known for movies ended up gracing our TV screens this year. Of those who starred in a TV series, miniseries or TV movie this year, who did the best job?

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    Simon Roberts

    Robin Williams as Simon Roberts in The Crazy Ones
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    Edward 'Blackbeard' Teach

    John Malkovich as Edward "Blackbeard" Teach in Crossbones
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    Molly Woods

    Halle Berry as Molly Woods in Extant
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    Lorne Malvo

    Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Malvo in Fargo
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    Olivia Foxworth

    Ellen Burstyn as Olivia Foxworth on Flowers in the Attic
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    Dr. Henry Morgan

    Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Henry Morgan in Forever
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    Brian Cox as Daddy in The Game
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    Fish Mooney

    Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney in Gotham
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    Harry Houdini

    Adrien Brody as Harry Houdini in Houdini
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    Professor Annalise Keating

    Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder
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    Dr. John W. Thackery

    Clive Owen as Dr. John W. Thackery in The Knick
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    Martin Odum

    Sean Bean as Martin Odum in Legends
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    Dr. William Masters

    Michael Sheen as Dr. William Masters in Masters of Sex
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    Jeremy Sloane

    Nick Frost as Jeremy Sloane in Mr. Sloane
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    Emma Brookner

    Julia Roberts as Emma Brookner in The Normal Heart
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    Ned Weeks

    Mark Ruffalo as Ned Weeks in The Normal Heart
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    Jack Kennison

    Bill Murray as Jack Kennison in Olive Kitteridge
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    Olive Kitteridge

    Frances McDormand as Olive Kitteridge in Olive Kitteridge
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    Vanessa Ives

    Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful
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    Nurse Jackson

    Octavia Spencer as Nurse Jackson in Red Band Society
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    Detective Rust Cohle

    Matthew McConaughey as Detective Rust Cohle in True Detective
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    Detective Marty Hart

    Woody Harrelson as Detective Marty Hart in True Detective
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    Abraham Woodhull

    Jamie Bell as Abraham Woodhull in TURN: Washington's Spies