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Poll: Favorite George Clooney Character

George Clooney turned 56 years old on May 6th. Which is your favorite movie character portrayed by him?

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    Danny Ocean

    Ocean's Franchise
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    Michael Clayton

    Michael Clayton
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    Bob Barnes

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    Matt King

    The Descendants
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    Everett McGill

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
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    Matt Kowalski

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    Jim Byrd

    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
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    Fred Friendly

    Good Night, and Good Luck.
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    Ryan Bingham

    Up in The Air
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    Baird Whitlock

    Hail, Caesar!
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    Seth Gecko

    From Dusk Till Dawn
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    Capt. Charles Bosche

    The Thin Red Line
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    Harry Pfarrer

    Burn After Reading
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    Intolerable Cruelty
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    Frank Stokes

    The Monuments Men
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    Lee Gates

    Money Monster
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    Frank Walker

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    Archie Gates

    Three Kings
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    Jack Taylor

    One Fine Day
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    Jack Foley

    Out of Sight
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    Dodge Connelly

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    Capt. Billy Tyne

    The Perfect Storm
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    Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe

    The Peacemaker