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Poll: #1 Johnny Depp Character in a Tim Burton Film?

Mr. Depp is an acting octopus, i.e. that he can blend into any role and do it exceedingly well. (Octopuses are better at colour-changing than chameleons). Johnny Depp has worked with Tim Burton eight times, in a variety of roles, but which is his best? Well, your favourite, at least. Here goes!

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    Edward Scissorhands

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    Ed Wood

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    Ichabod Crane

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    Willy Wonka

    PS: He did NOT "channel" Michael Jackson in this film. That is a rather poor critique, and only used by people who haven't read the book. Wonka is supposed to be socially inept. He's written that way.

    as played by Johnny Depp

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    Victor Van Dort

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    The Mad Hatter

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    Barnabas Collins