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Poll: The Worst Batman Villain with whom to Share a Bunk Bed

From this list of Batman characters (TV/Movie versions), who would be the most insufferable, irksome bunkmate for a night? Ear plugs recommended.

After voting, you may discuss your insomnia-induced thoughts here.

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    He'd make sure you had the worst nightmares of your life. But then you wake up, and the nightmare continues. There is just no end.
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    This short, portly man will bring extra umbrellas and likely have an entourage of penguins shack up as well. Unsolicited cuddle buddy: Check.
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    Well, we know what will keep you up with this one...
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    Mr. Freeze

    Don't bother resetting the thermostat. Just. Don't.
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    His heavy breathing may not help with your sleeping causes. Just make sure he's not on the top bunk.
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    You may be subjected to the constant search of the cold side of the pillow. That, and some uneasy coin flips (Heads - we eat eggs the next morning, Tails - we eat cereal).
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    Killer Croc

    Former crocodile wrestler turned psychotic criminal, this reptile will NEED a water bed. I wouldn't want to be the one to tell him we're all out of them...
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    Poison Ivy

    Herbal tea may not help your sleeping causes against this plant-obsessed eco-terrorist. Who knows, maybe her eccentric toxins and love potions will grow on you.
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    This seductive thief (with the exception of Harley Quinn) will keep you up, but perhaps for a more, er, 'physically exhausting' reason. Just make sure your favorite watch from graduation is stashed away safely.
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    Hugo Strange

    He may psycho-analyze you to the core or merely recall the story that lead to him deducing the cape crusader's identity - either way, he's sure to be chattering the whole night through.
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    The Ventriloquist

    You won't know who to tell to shut up. If you hate dolls, tread with caution.
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    Ra's al Ghul

    As a master of many forms of combat, this man has come into conflict with other superheroes including The Man of Steel. Will he babble all night about his plans to rectify ecological devastation? Let's hope not.
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    Harley Quinn

    This sidekick of another infamous villain on this list may just be smart enough to keep you up all night. Hide your psychology notes.
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    Sculpting may be fun on a Sunday afternoon, but a room full of it for a night? I'd advise against it.
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    Mad Hatter

    His technological mind-control devices will ensure you don't escape a night of chaos. We'll pass on Alice In Wonderland as the bedtime story, thank you very much.
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    Victor Zsasz

    Would you want to become another tally on this extremely intelligent killer? Whatever you do, just don't mention The Penguin.
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    Carmine Falcone

    A powerful figure in the Mafia world, perhaps it is not what he can do to you, but who he can call if the bed isn't 'up to par'. Yikes.
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    Don't confuse him with our dark knight - just pray that the serum wears off before bedtime. Sleeping with bats (or half-bats) will not fly with you.
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    Nyssa al Ghul

    As a former member of the League of Assassins and daughter of Ra's al Ghul, her cold demeanor could come out at any moment. Maybe don't set the alarm for next morning...
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    Killer Moth

    This one might actually sleep a little - I mean, he does have the cocoon. If you don't want holes in your clothes though, maybe not a great option.
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    As the protégé of Killer Moth, the one rule to be mindful of: don't touch the fireplace, no matter how cold the room gets.
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    The Joker

    A night of unpredictable and calculating surprises with that cheeky, daunting laugh will ensure your shut-eye is minimal. "Why so sleepy, Ms.?"
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    He may not be the ideal partner for a midnight game of operation but perhaps you can bank on a 'hushed' environment (maybe not?)
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    Lady Shiva

    An assasin-for-hire is probably not on your checklist for bunkmates, so best to avoid any contact. Midnight twister is ill-advised with this one.
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    Talia al Ghul

    You're safe-ish in a room with her, maybe one that doesn't contain the Lazarus pits.
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    Maxwell 'Maxie' Zeus

    Stay away from history questions and don't underestimate this man's temper - other people have and it ended badly.
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    Black Mask

    Just because he's no longer a mob boss doesn't mean he's lost contact with his men. Even without them, he's a daunting one.
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    Sal Maroni

    This mafia don is responsible for the creation of Two-Face - make sure he knows the different between "acid" and "toothpaste"