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Poll: Coolest Action Character Job Title

From this list of law enforcement and military job titles for an action character, my favorite one is...

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    John Cale

    ...a Secret Service agent
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    Johnny Utah F.B.I. agent
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    James Bond MI6 agent (or C.I.A. agent/spy)
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    Marcus Luttrell

    ...a Navy SEAL (or any Special Forces operative; Delta, S.A.S., S.B.S. Spetsnaz, Green Berets etc...)
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    Officer Jim Street

    ...a S.W.A.T. operative
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    a bomb disposal specialist or E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal)
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    ...a fighter pilot
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    Jason Bourne

    ...a Black Ops specialist
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    John McClane

    ...a cop/detective
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    Private Jackson

    ...a sniper
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    Marko Ramius

    ...a submarine captain
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    Chief Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard

    ...a Marshal
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    John Triton

    ...a Marine
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    Eversmann infantry/airborne Ranger
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    Dexter Morgan

    ...a blood spatter expert (or any kind of scientist/crime scene investigator working in law enforcement)
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    Robert Neville

    ...a military scientist
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    Ofcr. William M. 'Billy' Costigan Jr. undercover cop
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    Rick Grimes

    ...a sheriff