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Poll: Most Giftable Movie Series?

From the top 25 grossing film series of all times, which character's box set are you most likely to give someone as a Christmas/birthday/other occasion gift this year?

Note: Iron Man was listed on the top 25 grosses twice (as part of it's own series and as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe).

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    Harry Potter

    From the Harry Potter series
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    James Bond

    From the James Bond series
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    From the Ironman series and the Marvel Cinematic Universe
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    Darth Vader

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    Frodo Baggins

    From the Lord of the Rings series and The Hobbit series
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    Captain Jack Sparrow

    From the Pirates of the Caribbean series
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    From the Batman series
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    From the Shrek series
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    Bella Swan

    From the Twilight Series
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    From the Spiderman series
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    From the Ice Age Series
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    Optimus Prime

    From the Transformers series
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    Dominic Toretto

    From The Fast and the Furious Series
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    From the X-Men series
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    Ethan Hunt

    From the Mission Impossible series
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    Dr. Ian Malcolm

    From the Jurassic Park series
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    Indiana Jones

    From the Indiana Jones series
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    Buzz Lightyear

    From the Toy Story series
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    From the Star Trek series
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    From the Madagascar series
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    From the Superman series
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    Agent K

    From the Men in Black series
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    From the Matrix series
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    From the Chronicles of the Narnia series