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Poll: Happy Birthday Mr. Hackman! (Jan 30)

January 30, 2015 will mark the 85th anniversary of Gene Hackman. One of our greatest "regular guy" actors, Mr. Hackman appeared in nearly 100 projects before retiring in 2004. Which of his most well-known characters is your favorite?

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    Agent Rupert Anderson

    Agent Rupert Anderson in Mississippi Burning
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    Buck Barrow

    Buck Barrow in Bonnie and Clyde
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    Defense Secretary David Brice

    David Brice in No Way Out
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    Harry Caul

    Harry Caul in The Conversation
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    Sam Cayhall

    Sam Cayhall in The Chamber
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    Monroe Cole

    Monroe Cole in Welcome to Mooseport
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    Little Bill Daggett

    Little Bill Daggett in Unforgiven
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    Coach Norman Dale

    Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers
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    Det. Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle

    Jimmy Doyle in The French Connection (and the sequel)
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    Nicholas Earp

    Nicholas Earp in Wyatt Earp
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    Rankin Fitch

    Rankin Fitch in Runaway Jury
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    Henry Hearst

    Henry Hearst in Under Suspicion
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    Herod in The Quick and the Dead
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    Sen. Kevin Keeley

    Sen. Kevin Keeley in The Birdcage
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    Lowell Kolchek

    Lowell Kolchek in Postcards from the Edge
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    Larry in Another Woman
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    Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor in Superman (and the sequels)
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    Edward Lyle

    Edward Lyle in Enemy of the State
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    General Mandible

    General Mandible in Antz
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    Arnold Margolese

    Arnold Margolese in The Mexican
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    Max in Scarecrow
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    Jimmy McGinty

    Jimmy McGinty in The Replacements
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    Joe Moore

    Joe Moore in Heist
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    Dr. Lawrence Myrick

    Dr. Lawrence Myrick in Extreme Measures
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    Capt. Frank Ramsey

    Capt. Frank Ramsey in Crimson Tide
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    Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart

    Admiral Leslie McMahon Reigart in Behind Enemy Lines
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    President Allen Richmond

    President Allen Richmond in Absolute Power
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    Reverend Scott

    Reverend Scott in The Poseidon Adventure
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    Major General Sosabowski

    Major General Sosabowski in A Bridge Too Far
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    Royal Tenenbaum

    Royal Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums
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    William B. Tensy

    William B. Tensy in Heartbreakers
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    Avery Tolar

    Avery Tolar in The Firm
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    Pete Van Wherry

    Pete Van Wherry in Reds
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    Harry Zimm

    Harry Zimm in Get Shorty
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    Blindman in Young Frankenstein