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1. Robert Southey Robert Southey Writer, Nelson 12 August 1774
2. Francesco Guerrazzi Francesco Guerrazzi Writer, L'assedio di Firenze 12 August 1804
3. Hélèna Pétrowna Blavatsky Hélèna Pétrowna Blavatsky Writer, Les Stances de Dzyan 12 August 1831
4. Joseph Barnby Joseph Barnby Soundtrack, Gone with the Wind 12 August 1838
5. Colmar von der Goltz Colmar von der Goltz 12 August 1843
6. Bartley Campbell Bartley Campbell Writer, The Crucible of Life 12 August 1843
7. Ignát Herrmann Ignát Herrmann Writer, Príbeh dusickový 12 August 1854
8. Harriet T. Comstock Harriet T. Comstock Writer, The Place Beyond the Winds 12 August 1860
9. Philip Cunningham Philip Cunningham Actor, Brigade-Exchange 12 August 1865
10. Jacinto Benavente Jacinto Benavente Writer, La Malquerida 12 August 1866
11. Edith Hamilton Edith Hamilton Writer, The Trojan Women Born in Dresden, Germany, of American parents, educator Edith Hamilton was raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She took a very early interest in Greek and Roman literature, and after graduating from Bryn Mawr College in 1894 with an M.A., she spent the following two years at the German universities of Leipzig and Munich (becoming the first woman to attend classes there)... 12 August 1867
12. Arthur J. Lamb Arthur J. Lamb Soundtrack, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Composer, songwriter ("Asleep In the Deep"), lyricist, author and actor. He came to the USA in his youth, appearing in minstrel shows and joining the staff of music publishers. Joining ASCAP in 1942, his chief musical collaborators included Albert von Tilzer, Ernest Ball and 'Harry Von Tilzer', and his other popular-song compositions include "A Bird In a Gilded Cage"... 12 August 1870
13. Callie Frey Callie Frey Actress, The Pilgrim 12 August 1874
14. Hector Panizza Hector Panizza Music Department, La signora dalle camelie 12 August 1875
15. Rudolph Schanzer Rudolph Schanzer Writer, Wie einst im Mai 12 August 1875
16. Mary Roberts Rinehart Mary Roberts Rinehart Writer, The Bat 12 August 1876
17. Charles Chapman Charles Chapman Actor, Beau Brummel 12 August 1877
18. Charles De Forrest Charles De Forrest Actor, Lost, Strayed or Stolen 12 August 1877
19. Christy Mathewson Christy Mathewson Self, Christy Mathewson and the New York National League Team Baseball was a popular sport in its first 30 years, but it had always lacked one thing: a superstar. The 19th century was full of great players who won great popularity, but one thing the period lacked was a superstar the masses could idolize. The sport eventually did find its first superstar in the form of Christy Mathewson... 12 August 1880
20. Radclyffe Hall Radclyffe Hall Writer, The Third Sex 12 August 1880
21. Cecil B. DeMille Cecil B. DeMille Producer, The Ten Commandments His parents Henry C. DeMille and Beatrice DeMille were playwrights. His father died when he was 12, and his mother supported the family by opening a school for girls and a theatrical company. Too young to enlist in the Spanish-American War, Cecil followed his brother William C. de Mille to the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts... 12 August 1881
22. Arthur Aylesworth Arthur Aylesworth Actor, Dames 12 August 1881
23. Herman Rottger Herman Rottger Actor, Roughing the Cub 12 August 1881
24. Leon Weaver Leon Weaver Actor, Jeepers Creepers The senior member of the popular musical comedy hillbilly trio The Weaver Brothers and Elviry, the musical saw-playing Leon Weaver popularized this and other novelty instruments as part of their Okie-styled shows. The team would eventually move from the Grand Opry stage into Republic Studio films of the late 30s and early 40s... 12 August 1882
25. Felix Orman Felix Orman Writer, Moonbeam Magic 12 August 1882
26. Marion Lorne Marion Lorne Actress, The Graduate Forever embraced as the mumbling, bumbling Aunt Clara on the Bewitched television series, endearing character actress Marion Lorne had a five-decade-long career on the stage before ever becoming a familiar TV household name. Born Marion Lorne MacDougall on August 12, 1883 (other sources list 1885 and 1888)... 12 August 1883
27. Pauline Frederick Pauline Frederick Actress, Thank You, Mr. Moto Pauline Frederick was born Pauline Beatrice Libby in Boston, Massachusetts on August 12, 1883. She was fascinated with show business from an early age and throughout her childhood, she was bred for a career in music. It has been said she had a terrific soprano voice, but Pauline also dabbled a bit in acting... 12 August 1883
28. Martha Hedman Martha Hedman Actress, The Cub 12 August 1883
29. David W. Gobbett David W. Gobbett Cinematographer, Ranson's Folly 12 August 1884
30. Jeanne Véniat Jeanne Véniat Actress, La maison Bonnadieu 12 August 1885
31. Nat Carr Nat Carr Actor, The Talk of Hollywood 12 August 1886
32. Gus Van Gus Van Actor, Bank Notes 12 August 1887
33. Erwin Schrödinger Erwin Schrödinger 12 August 1887
34. Eric Snowden Eric Snowden Actor, The Lion Man 12 August 1888
35. H. Manning Haynes H. Manning Haynes Director, Monty Works the Wires 12 August 1888
36. Prins Axel Prins Axel Self, De kongelige skal fotograferes 12 August 1888
37. Anna Vetter Anna Vetter Actress, Moln över Hellesta 12 August 1888
38. John Olsen John Olsen Producer, Baronessen fra benzintanken 12 August 1888
39. Eddie Kane Eddie Kane Actor, The Stolen Jools 12 August 1889
40. Sid Jordan Sid Jordan Actor, Tom and Jerry 12 August 1889
41. Vera Popova Vera Popova Actress, Zoya Vera Popova was a notable Russian actress of theatre and film. She was born Vera Nikolaevna Popova on August 12, 1889, in Moscow, Russia. She began her acting studies at Moscow Drama Courses of A. Adashev. From 1908 - 1910 she studied at Theatrical School of Ivan Pelttser. From 1910 - 1919 she was a member of the touring troupe led by P... 12 August 1889
42. Margaret Vaughan Margaret Vaughan Actress, The Girl Without a Soul 12 August 1889
43. Stella Harf Stella Harf Actress, Professor Nardi 12 August 1890
44. Al Goodman Al Goodman Music Department, The Colgate Comedy Hour Composer, songwriter, conductor, pianist and arranger, educated at the Peabody Conservatory (on scholarship). He was a pianist in early film theatres, and later a choral director and music director for the Aborne Opera Company. He conducted and arranged for Al Jolson, and conducted the Broadway musicals "Blossom Time"... 12 August 1890
45. Della Gould Emmons Della Gould Emmons Writer, The Far Horizons Della Gould Emmons is a member of the Gould family who pioneered in the jewelry and theatrical businesses in Glencoe, Minnesota. A University of Minnesota graduate, she taught in high school at Sisseton, South Dakota. Marrying a train dispatcher, Allen B. Emmons, she went westward until finally Seattle and Tacoma became her home... 12 August 1890
46. Janusz Dziewonski Janusz Dziewonski Actor, Glos pustyni 12 August 1890
47. Douglas Gerrard Douglas Gerrard Actor, The Price of Victory 12 August 1891
48. C.E.M. Joad C.E.M. Joad Self, The Brains Trust British author C.E.M. Joad was born in Durham County, England, in 1891. He became one of Britain's most controversial figures in the 1940s. A pacifist during a time of war and an agnostic in a majority Christian country, Joad was celebrated--and reviled--for forcefully taking on unpopular causes and... 12 August 1891
49. Lutz Götz Lutz Götz Actor, Die Feuerzangenbowle 12 August 1891
50. Edith Blythe Edith Blythe 12 August 1891
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