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1. Daniel Defoe Daniel Defoe Writer, Robinson Crusoe on Mars Born the eldest son and third child of James and Mary Defoe, Defoe received a very good education, as his father intended him to become a Presbyterian minister, but he chose to become a merchant instead. In 1684 he joined the army of the rebel Duke of Monmouth, but when the rebellion failed, Defoe was forced into semi-exile... 24 April 1731
2. Auguste Maquet Auguste Maquet Writer, Les trois mousquetaires 8 January 1888
3. Clara Schumann Clara Schumann Soundtrack, Management 20 May 1896
4. Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Writer, Heimatland 12 March 1916
5. Harry Fisher Jr. Harry Fisher Jr. Actor, The Yankee Girl 21 May 1917
6. Fritz Magnussen Fritz Magnussen Writer, Skæbnesvangre vildfarelser 14 April 1920
7. Hermann Seldeneck Hermann Seldeneck Actor, Liebe und Leben, 2. Teil - Die Tochter des Senators April 1922
8. Paola Pezzaglia Paola Pezzaglia Actress, La sagra dei martiri Born in Milan, Italy, September 13, 1889, Paola Pezzaglia was the only daughter of a famous VIP hair-stylist, Gerolamo Pezzaglia. Her uncle was the actor Angelo Pezzaglia. At the age of four she already enchanted her public in theatre, and she grew up as a very fine actress, with the interpretation of more than 100 pieces in Italy... 17 December 1925
9. Melli Beese Melli Beese 21 December 1925
10. Oili Siikaniemi Oili Siikaniemi Actress, Sano se suomeksi 2 August 1932
11. Branimir Cosic Branimir Cosic Writer, Kacaci u topcideru 29 January 1934
12. Arvid Petersén Arvid Petersén Actor, Ulla min Ulla 1937
13. Ralph Connor Ralph Connor Writer, The Sky Pilot 31 October 1937
14. Matthew Betz Matthew Betz Actor, The Big Chance 26 January 1938
15. Aileen Marson Aileen Marson Actress, Someone at the Door 4 May 1939
16. Ernest Gillet Ernest Gillet Soundtrack, The Dancing Masters 6 May 1940
17. George O'Neil George O'Neil Writer, Intermezzo: A Love Story 23 May 1940
18. Antal Farkas Antal Farkas Writer, Jön az öcsém 28 September 1940
19. Edward Cecil Edward Cecil Actor, Sink or Swim 13 December 1940
20. Sherwood Anderson Sherwood Anderson Writer, Chicago Heights Sherwood Anderson was born on September 13, 1876, into the family of a house-painter in Camden, Ohio. He worked as a newsboy, a house-painter, and a stable groom until he moved to Chicago at the age of 17. There he attended business classes at night, while having a day job as a warehouse laborer. After his military service in Cuba during the Spanish-American war... 8 March 1941
21. Auriol Lee Auriol Lee Actress, Suspicion 2 July 1941
22. Chick Endor Chick Endor Music Department, Elstree Calling 1 September 1941
23. Roy Coulson Roy Coulson Actor, Robin Hood 10 May 1944
24. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. Theodore Roosevelt Jr. 12 July 1944
25. Adolf E. Licho Adolf E. Licho Actor, Kaddisch 11 October 1944
26. Lance Lister Lance Lister Miscellaneous Crew, Marigold December 1946
27. Lewis E. Lawes Lewis E. Lawes Writer, 20,000 Years in Sing Sing 23 April 1947
28. Giuseppe Zago Giuseppe Zago Actor, Angélica 7 December 1947
29. John J. Pershing John J. Pershing Self, Following the Flag in Mexico 15 July 1948
30. Alma Aiken Alma Aiken Actress, The Test of Honor 10 September 1949
31. Aage Schmidt Aage Schmidt Actor, Hævnens Nat 11 September 1949
32. Vera White Vera White Actress, Is Your Daughter Safe? 11 November 1949
33. Rollin B. Berry Rollin B. Berry Actor, Sweethearts 12 April 1950
34. Belle Stoddard Belle Stoddard Actress, One of the Rabble 13 December 1950
35. Belle Johnstone Belle Johnstone Actress, No More Orchids 13 December 1950
36. Scott Pembroke Scott Pembroke Director, Two Sisters 21 February 1951
37. John Alexander John Alexander Actor, The Petrified Forest 5 April 1951
38. Arnold Schönberg Arnold Schönberg Composer, Moses und Aron Arnold Schonberg was born in the Jewish ghetto of Vienna, in 1874. His parents were Ashkenazim, his mother, Pauline was from Prague, and his father, Samuel, was from Bratislava. His mother was a piano teacher, but he had little interest in early childhood. He took violin lessons when he was eight and began composing at the same time... 13 July 1951
39. Olin Francis Olin Francis Actor, Lightning Range 30 June 1952
40. Larry Shields Larry Shields Soundtrack, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 21 November 1953
41. Julian Tuwim Julian Tuwim Writer, Zolnierz królowej Madagaskaru 27 December 1953
42. Józef Munclinger Józef Munclinger Writer, Svatý Václav 31 October 1954
43. Gladys George Gladys George Actress, The Roaring Twenties One of the fine if relatively short-lived character actresses of Hollywood heydays of the 1930s and 1940s, Gladys George came into an acting family while literally on the road. Her parents were actually English and touring with a Shakespearean theater company in Patten, Maine when she was born (although usually noted as 1900... 8 December 1954
44. Lynn Starling Lynn Starling Writer, The Cat and the Canary 25 February 1955
45. Gusta Chrispijn-Mulder Gusta Chrispijn-Mulder Actress, Malle gevallen 17 June 1955
46. Lynne Carver Lynne Carver Actress, A Christmas Carol 12 August 1955
47. Clara Schwartz Clara Schwartz Actress, Alle går rundt og forelsker sig 2 October 1955
48. Robert Dudley Robert Dudley Actor, The Palm Beach Story 12 November 1955
49. Walter Young Walter Young Actor, The Patient in Room 18 18 April 1957
50. Wilhelm Filchner Wilhelm Filchner Writer, Om mani padme hum 7 May 1957
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