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1. Ulrike Butz Ulrike Butz Actress, Wenn die prallen Möpse hüpfen
2. Petra Scharbach Petra Scharbach Actress, Tre giorni d'amore
3. Niels Laupert Niels Laupert Producer, Sieben Tage Sonntag
4. Arthur Dreifuss Arthur Dreifuss Director, The Quare Fellow German-born choreographer Arthur Dreifuss emigrated to the US in 1928, eventually becoming a theatrical producer in New York City. He went to Hollywood, first as a dance director in the 1930s, then from 1939 directing a steady stream of B-movies, initially for Poverty Row company PRC (Producers Releasing Corporation)...
5. Christina Rainer Christina Rainer Actress, Samt und Seide
6. Kyra Shade Kyra Shade Actress, Ohne Bockschein darf kein Bock rein!
7. Nina Weniger Nina Weniger Actress, Rote Rosen
8. Michael Gutmann Michael Gutmann Writer, 23
9. Max Zaher Max Zaher Camera and Electrical Department, Point Break
10. Laura Di Salvo Laura Di Salvo Self, Alle Wetter!
11. Matthias Raue Matthias Raue Composer, Löwenzahn
12. Martina Valentina Baumgartner Martina Valentina Baumgartner Art Department, The Reader
13. Sabine Lamby Sabine Lamby Producer, Im Labyrinth des Schweigens
14. Roman Bunka Roman Bunka Composer, ¿Bin ich schön?
15. Ilana Goldschmidt Ilana Goldschmidt Editor, Plastic Planet
16. Kilian von Keyserlingk Kilian von Keyserlingk Editor, Marco und der Wolf
17. Julia Lechner Julia Lechner Makeup Department, Anonymous
18. Simjon Spengler Simjon Spengler Sound Department, Big Game
19. Annette Schirmer Annette Schirmer Makeup Department, Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei
20. Bettina Reitz Bettina Reitz Producer, Amour
21. Stefan Müller Stefan Müller Visual Effects, Captain America: Civil War
22. Maja Sophie Rückert Maja Sophie Rückert Actress, Für meine Kinder tu' ich alles
23. Paula Marie Rückert Paula Marie Rückert Actress, Für meine Kinder tu' ich alles
24. Fatima Abdollahyan Fatima Abdollahyan Director, Kick in Iran
25. Tanja Adams Tanja Adams Makeup Department, The Cut
26. Notker Schweikhardt Notker Schweikhardt Production Designer, GG 19 - Eine Reise durch Deutschland in 19 Artikeln
27. Fabian Del Priore Fabian Del Priore Composer, Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Crazy Maze Fabian Del Priore is also known as "Rapture" and "tHE oPERATOR" in the PC Demo music scene. He has spent his entire life making music. After taking private piano lessons from 1988 - 1998, he is now an accomplished pianist. In 1993, he discovered a tracker program called Fast Tracker II on the PC and began tracking mod music...
28. Hannelore Hippe Hannelore Hippe Writer, Zwei Leben
29. Ute Aurand Ute Aurand Director, Kastanienblütenschnee
30. Silvia Tietz Silvia Tietz Actress, Der eingebildete Kranke
31. Tamara Milosevic Tamara Milosevic Director, Zur falschen Zeit am falschen Ort
32. Christoph Liening Christoph Liening Camera and Electrical Department, Iron Sky
33. Tilly Fleischer Tilly Fleischer Self, Olympia 1. Teil - Fest der Völker Ottilie "Tilly" Fleischer was born on October 2, 1911 in Frankfurt am Mein, Hessen, Germany. Her father was a butcher. Tilly initially became interested in sports as a child and trained as a teenager in a variety of athletic activities that include shot put, pentathlon, and the discus and javelin throw...
34. Thomas Reiter Thomas Reiter Self, Sphinx - Geheimnisse der Geschichte
35. Marei Wenzel Marei Wenzel Location Management, Flammen & Citronen
36. Thorsten Raetsch Thorsten Raetsch Producer, SOKO Leipzig
37. Dominik Schunk Dominik Schunk Cinematographer, Sklaven und Herren
38. Stefan Hübscher Stefan Hübscher Camera and Electrical Department, Männertreu
39. Mary Amiri Mary Amiri Self, Das perfekte Promi-Dinner
39 names.