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Francesca Antonelli

Begins as a young, in 1988, in the movie of Francesca Archibugi "Mignon è partita". In the same year he participated in "La casa del sorriso" by Marco Ferreri. In the 90's it is among the actors of the television series "I ragazzi del muretto". In 1995 interprets Ambrose in "Wilma Labate" and, along with Nanni Moretti and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, "The second time". Theatrical actress, in 2016, is the co-star of the comedy "Two pair" with Max Tortora for Max Tortora directing and Paola Tiziana Cruciani.

Michael Sart

Michael Sart was born in Paris, France, as Nicola Patrick Michael Centonze. Having an Italian father and a French-English mother, he grew up between France and Italy. His uncle was Aldo Danieli, famous Italian actor in the entertainment for having created in 1975 one of the most influential dubbing studio in Italy, the ADC group.

Overflowing with energy, Michael did a lot of different sports such as judo, vovinam, snow skiing finishing on the podium on different competitions in Europe, tennis, ping pong, soccer. Beside his classic scholarship in High School, Michael entered the prestigious French acting school Rene Simon. To please his father, he continued his scholarship and graduated with a Master's Degree in French literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris. The same year, he started an internship in the production of one of the most respected French journalist and TV host, Michel Drucker. Appreciated for his hard work, he became part of the team for several years. But even if he enjoyed his work, Michael decided to attend AIT (Atelier International de Theatre de Blanche Salant et Paul Weaver), the acting school that produced celebrity actors such as Vincent Cassel, Amira Casar and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi

Unfortunately, Michael's father became very sick and he had to make some serious decisions. He put aside his work in Television to join his family's jewelry business in Paris. However, after work hours, Michael performed on the Stage to continue his acting career in French Classic Plays as The Doctor in Spite of Himself (Moliere), Faisons un Reve (Sacha Guitry) and Vue sur le Golf (Pierre Chesnot). In 2010, he wrote his own comedy Opposites Attract. He produced it on the stage performing in it during 6 months in various places among others such as the Point Virgule, the famous Parisian theatre which attracted prestigious humorists and actors. Opposites Attract received great reviews: "A comedy in tune with the times, and boosted by two strong actors with talent and a touch of madness" (Le Mediateaseur); "Brilliantly acted (con brio!) by talented young actors (...) as William Shakespeare said "all the world's stage". What is important is that the theater is intelligent and good. Opposites Attract!, is exactly that" (Svetlana Prozhogina, writer for a Russian magazine).

Two years later, Michael wrote and shot his own web series "The Family Closet". The same year, his first daughter was born while his father passed away 2 months later on Christmas day. Afterwards, "The Family Closet" was nominated at a few US Festivals for best actor and best director. In 2013, Michael moved to Los Angeles to build up his acting career further. That same year, he appeared in the highly acclaimed Italian motion picture "Human Capital" directed by one of the most celebrated Italian Directors Paolo Virzi and the film won 46 Awards around the world is on Netflix.

Michael Sart performed roles in shorts such as "Midnight" (2016) and the multi awarded web series "Carbon Dating" (2015) produced and played by Michael Gross. Futhermore, he will appear, in the upcoming film "One Under The Sun" (2017), as the French astronaut Lucien-Pascal Gans alongside Pooja Batra (Miss India), Gene Farber (Captain America: Civil War) and Ava Cantrell (Lights Out).

Michael is fluent in English, French and Italian.

"Michael Sart (one committed "monster") acts perfectly with his very cinematographic resistant being." - Onirik.net speaking about the play D'un Bureau. "He has personality and a strong visual impact. A face that can undoubtedly please the ladies. In my opinion, he could also play leading roles." - Interview of the Casting Director Edoardo Scata about Michael Sart.

2 names.