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1. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999 TV Series)
Episode: Criminal Stories (2014)
Renowned New York Ledger columnist Jimmy MacArthur (Alec Baldwin) is given full access to Sergeant Benson (Hargitay) and the squad for an inside look at the city's Special Victims Unit. When the rape case of a young Muslim woman (guest star Summer Bishil) escalates to a hate crime, Jimmy stays one step ahead of the investigation and declares the entire crime a hoax. With the victim under fierce public scrutiny, Benson struggles to keep the case on solid ground and fears a rapist will go free.
2. The Simpsons (1989 TV Series)
Episode: When You Dish Upon a Star (1998)
Following a hang-gliding accident Homer literally drops in on married film stars Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin,in their secluded hide-away where they go to escape the media. Homer starts to work for them but gives them away to press and fans,who besiege the house. The angry couple,along with visiting friend Ron Howard,are then involved in a chase after Homer who has stolen their property for a mobile movie museum. It all ends in a court order restraining Homer from going near any celebrities - though Ron Howard decides that the whole story can supply the plot for his next film.
3. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Annette Bening/Gwen Stefani/Akon (2006)
Sketches include Annette Bening's monologue with an appearance by Alec Baldwin, a parody trailer of "Mel Gibson's Apocalypto", two A-holes in a live nativity scene, and on Weekend Update, Will Forte sings a song about gay marriage. Bush Iraq Study Group Cold Open (Jason Sudeikis), Annette Bening's Monologue (Annette Bening, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph), Apocalypto, Morning Show (Annette Bening, Jason Sudeikis, Kenan Thompson, Amy Poehler), TV Funhouse: Diddy Kiddies, Poetry Class (Annette Bening, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader), A-holes - Nativity (Annette Bening, Jason Sudeikis, Kristen Wiig), An SNL Digital Short: Pep Talk (Matthew Fox, Fred Armisen, Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg, Kenan Thompson, Will Forte), Buyer Beware (Kenan Thompson, Maya Rudolph), Weekend Update (featuring Al Gore (Darrell Hammond), Gloria Patrick (Kristen Wiig) and a song about gay marriage by Will Forte and Fred Armisen) (Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler), Valtrex (Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler), Second Night Out (Annette Bening, Will Forte, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader), Lawyer Ad (Annette Bening, Bill Hader). (Note: edited episode.)
4. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Katy Perry/Robyn (2011)
After Greta Van Susteren interviews Donald Trump, Katy Perry hosts. She's an MSNBC commentator on Al Sharpton's show, Florence Welch in a promo for a dog film's soundtrack, Duchess Catherine's raucous sister Pippa having a chat with the Queen, Christina Aguilera in a promo for "The Apocalypse", and a Hello Kitty aficionado on MSU's campus parody of Japanese pop. She also sings about best friends, chats with Kalle, an eerie and robotic Finnish talk show host, and finds her soul mate at a bar while a jazz trio plays. On "Weekend Update," an American Airlines pilot apologizes to Alec Baldwin. Cameos by Matt Damon, Val Kilmer, Darrell Hammond, and Alec Baldwin. Robyn performs.
5. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Coldplay (2001)
Alec Baldwin's ninth time hosting. Sketches include: A Message from the President of the United States, Alec Baldwin Montage, Reliable Investments, Delicious Dish, Tough Guy, Inside the Actors' Studio, Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey, Weekend Update: Tracy Morgan on Daryl Strawberry, Weekend Update: I Have An Opinion Internationale, Weekend Update: Tina Fey on the Playboy Bunnies, Weekend Update: Kid Rock and David Spade's Hollywood Minute (featuring David Spade and Kid Rock), Red Ships of Spain, The Bush Tax Cut, Lasting Impressions. Coldplay perform "Yellow" and "Don't Panic".
6. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Josh Brolin/Adele (2008)
Josh Brolin hosts to promote 'W'. Sketches include: Palin Press Conference (with Tina Fey, Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin cameos), Josh Brolin Monologue (with Oliver Stone cameo), MacGruber, Sue: Surprise Proposal, MacGruber II, The Suze Orman Show, Wahlberg's Confrontation (with Mark Wahlberg cameo), I'm No Angel, MacGruber III, Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers, Weekend Update: Tim Calhoun, Weekend Update: Jean K Jean, Weekend Update: Amy's Sarah Palin Rap (with Sarah Palin cameo), Fartface, Narc School, ReadiTrade.com, New York Underground, Fall Foliage. Adele performs "Chasing Pavements" and "Cold Shoulder".
7. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Beastie Boys (1994)
Alec Baldwin hosts this episode (his fifth appearance as host), and The Beastie Boys are the musical guests. In the cold opener, former Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders (Ellen Cleghorne) delivers a pro-masturbation speech upon her resignation. Alec Baldwin's Monologue involves a reaction to some complaints about a February 12, 1994 Canteen Boy sketch involving Baldwin and Adam Sandler, in which Baldwin played a child molester. Repeat of Lexon Paradox commercial spoof(See episode October 1, 1994). A Cop (Kevin Nealon) encounters a suburban family playing Santa Claus with their kids, only to find that they aren't really playing. Plastic surgeons (Baldwin, Chris Elliot, Janene Garafalo) save train wreck victims in the medical drama "L.A. Breast & Penis." Larry Templeton (Chris Farley) is an unexpected and confused contestant of a Japanese Game Show. Another Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald. The mangled body of a gunshot victim causes a cavalcade of vomit in New York, in the police drama "Rookie Cop." The soap opera parody "The Young & The Youthful" revolves around wealthy Pierce and his cognatively-challenged brother Petey (both played by Baldwin). Parents (Michael McKean, Garafalo) battle kids during a family road trip. A bride-to-be (Garafalo) takes an unsexy exotic dancer (Chris Elliot) to court, after being traumatized by his act during a bachelorette party. Auctioneers (Baldwin, Elliot) have stolen celebrity items on the block, including some owned by Christian Slater(Himself) who tries to get them back. Jack Handey's Deep Thoughts of the night involve the apparent beauty of jellyfish. The Beastie Boys perform the songs "Sure Shot," "Ricky's Theme" & "Heart-Attack Man."
8. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Casey Affleck/Chance the Rapper (2016)
Chance the Rapper performs "Finish Line/Drown" with Noname and "Same Drugs" and appears in the "Jingle Barack" sketch and the "New York Now" sketch. Alec Baldwin and John Goodman appear as Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson, respectively, in the cold open. They also appear in the opening monologue. Fred Armisen appears in the "Robot Presentation" sketch and on Weekend Update as one of "Vladimir Putin's Best Friends from Growing Up." Darryl McDaniels of Run-D.M.C. appears in the "Jingle Barack" sketch.
9. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Christina Aguilera (2006)
Sketches include a monologue featuring Alec's "30 Rock" costars Tina Fey and Tracy Morgan, Alec and Steve Martin battling over who has hosted SNL the most times (with appearances by Martin Short and Paul McCartney) and "The Tony Bennett Show" with a surprise appearance by the real Tony Bennett. Pelosi Cold Open (Kristen Wiig, Will Forte, Fred Armisen), Alec Monologue (Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan), E-Z Date (Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Kenan Thompson), Britney Divorce (Amy Poehler, Jason Sudeikis), Saddam Meeting (Alec Baldwin, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader), G*****l Herpes (Alec Baldwin, Amy Poehler), Backstage at the Platinum Club (Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Paul Mccartney), TV Funhouse: Kobayashi (Takeru Kobayashi), Weekend Update (Amy Poehler, Seth Meyers, Darrell Hammond, Kenan Thompson, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg), The Tony Bennett Show (Alec Baldwin, Andy Samberg, Tony Bennett), Bossa Nova Bar (Alec Baldwin, Fred Armisen, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Andy Samberg, Amy Poehler, Jason Sudeikis), Jogger from 1992 (Andy Samberg). (Note: edited episode.)
10. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Whitney Houston (1991)
Alec Baldwin's second time hosting. Sketches include: The McLaughlin Group, Alec Baldwin Monologue (with Whitney Houston, Jon Lovitz and Arthur Kent cameos), The Dancer (with Evander Holyfield cameo), The Honest Planet, The Sinead O'Connor Awards, Lank Thompson: I'm A Handsome Actor, Pan Am Ad, Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, WU: Bob Dylan Acceptance Speech, The Godfather Part IV, I'm Chillin', Confession Can Be Exciting For The Soul, Cyrano de Bergerac. Whitney Houston performs "I'm Your Baby Tonight", "All The Man I Need", and "My Name Is Not Susan".
11. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Radiohead (2011)
After a debate among Republican candidates for President, Alec Baldwin becomes SNL's most frequent host with walk-on assistance from Steve Martin and Seth Rogan. In addition to being Rick Perry, Baldwin plays a homey Buffalo newscaster, a child psychologist with a problematic daughter, Tony Bennett giving movie reviews on "Weekend Update," and a contestant on a gay-themed TV game show, "Who's On Top?" The rest of the cast is virtually unchanged from Season 36. We attend the final cast party of "All My Children." Radiohead performs.
12. Saturday Night Live (1975 TV Series)
Episode: Alec Baldwin/Jonas Brothers (2009)
Sketches include: Republican Congressional Leadership Meeting, Alec Baldwin Monologue (featuring Jack McBrayer), The Fourth Jonas Brother (featuring the Jonas Brothers), The Cougar Den (featuring Cameron Diaz), An SNL Digital Short: Property of the Queen (featuring the Jonas Brothers), Sir Mix-a-Lot's Photoshop, Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, Weekend Update: Oscar Rogers, Vincent Price's Valentine's Day Special, High-Profile Project, Warrior Shake, Chewable Pampers (repeat), Virgania Horsen's Hot-Air Balloon Rides (repeat), Alec Baldwin's Acting Techniques for Actors. Jonas Brothers perform "Tonight" and "Video Girl".
13. The Boss Baby (2017)
A new baby's arrival impacts a family, told from the point of view of a delightfully unreliable narrator -- a wildly imaginative 7-year-old named Tim. The most unusual Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) arrives at Tim's home in a taxi, wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. The instant sibling rivalry must soon be put aside when Tim discovers that Boss Baby is actually a spy on a secret mission, and only he can help thwart a dastardly plot that involves an epic battle between puppies and babies.
14. 60 Minutes (1968 TV Series)
Episode: The War Within/Alec Baldwin/The King of Sushi (2008)
"The War Within" interviews Bob Woodward about his latest book about the Iraq war. "Alec Baldwin" rebroadcasts an interview with the famous actor. "The King of Sushi" rebroadcasts a segment on the fishing for and consumption of rare Bluefin tuna. "Andy Rooney" talks about how people carry more stuff than they used to.
15. 60 Minutes (1968 TV Series)
Episode: The Long Recession: Wilmington Corporation/The Patriarch/Alec Baldwin (2009)
"The Long Recession: Wilmington Corporation" goes to Ohio to hear stories about how the recession is hitting the Midwest. "The Patriarch" profiles the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church. "Alec Baldwin" rebroadcasts a profile of the famous actor. "Andy Rooney" talks about Christmas shopping.
16. 60 Minutes (1968 TV Series)
Episode: The Price of Bananas/Detention in America/Alec Baldwin (2008)
"The Price of Bananas" looks at the troubles facing Chiquita banana in their dealings with Columbia. "Detention in America" investigates the neglectful conditions and inadequate medical treatment in a U.S. government-run prison system. "Alec Baldwin" profiles the famous actor. "Andy Rooney" talks about junk mail.
17. The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015 TV Series)
Episode: Ugly (2016)
Jim is asked to audition for a part where the character is described as and named ugly. Jim has his doubts over his suitability but Alec Baldwin is in the film. Jeannie is catcalled at a construction site and can't decide if she's offended.
18. The Devil and Daniel Webster (2003)
In the literary world, Jabez Stone (Alec Baldwin) is a down and out writer trying to make the big time in New York. Saddened, he has no luck with women and his best friend Julius (Dan Akroyd) has just gloated to him that he sold his novel to Webster books. Jealous of Julius, and with is long string of bad luck, he promises to sell his soul to the Devil (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in exchange for success. The Devil immediately fixes everything and he becomes famous, has success with women, and a career that fulfills his wildest dreams! With the help of Constance Hurry (Kim Cattrall) Jabez is on the fast track to the top. However, the view from the top isn't as good as what he thought it would be. Time is running out fast on his 10-year contract for his soul. Having realized his mistake, Jabez must enlist the help of Daniel Webster (Anthony Hopkins) who offers him a chance to break the contract with the devil and try to save his mortal soul...
19. Charlie Rose (1991 TV Series)
Episode: Episode dated 1 October 2004 (2004)
Actor Paul Bettany Talks With Charlie About His Career And His Work In The New Romantic Comedy, Wimbledon. Filmmaker Mira Nair Talks About Her New Film, Vanity Fair, An Adaptation Of William Makepeace Thackeray'S Classic Novel. Also, Actors Matthew Broderick And Alec Baldwin Talk With Director Jeff Nathanson About Their New Film, The Last Shot.
20. Charlie Rose (1991 TV Series)
Episode: Episode dated 23 August 1999 (1999)
A Dialogue With The Actor Alec Baldwin. He Talks About Actor Warren Beatty'S Possible Presidential Campaign, What He Believes Is Necessary In Order For A Director To Be Successful, And Love Of Acting. Later, Baldwin Discusses His Admiration Of Marlon Brando'S Work And His Performance In The Movie Outside Providence, Which Is Directed By Michael Corrente.
21. Break Night (2017)
Gritty crime drama with love story and a bit of comedy and sex. Many story lines and dozens of characters intertwine for a suspenseful ride and unexpected conclusion. Written and directed by Joel Souza, now in production with 'Crown Vic' starring Alec Baldwin. Produced by Sonoma local Barbara Barrielle and starring Jared Abrahamson, Devon Werkheiser and Kayleigh Gilbert. Filmed entirely in Oakland, CA.
22. Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2013 Documentary)
What does it mean to be a performing artist - first, last and always? Broadway legend Elaine Stritch can answer that. At 87, Stritch is still here, dominating the stage in her one woman cabaret act, torturing Alec Baldwin on 30ROCK, giving us her take on aging, her struggle with alcohol and diabetes, and the fear of leaving the follow spot behind. In stolen moments from her corner room at the Carlyle, and on breaks from her tour and work, candid reflections about her life are punctuated with rare archival footage, words from friends (Hal Prince, George C. Wolfe, Nathan Lane, Cherry Jones and John Turturro) and photographs from her personal collection. By turns bold, hilarious and achingly poignant, the journey connects Stritch's present to her past, and an inspiring portrait of a one-of-a-kind survivor emerges.
23. The Essentials (2001 TV Series)
Alec Baldwin hosts The Essentials, TCM's popular franchise showcasing "must-see" classic films. Joining Baldwin each week throughout the season will be one of three special guests: late-night television icon David Letterman, acclaimed actress, writer and comedian Tina Fey and legendary filmmaker William Friedkin. Together, Baldwin and his guests will introduce a hand-picked classic and offer color commentary on its cultural significance, its influence on other films, behind-the-scenes stories and their own personal reflections.
24. The Role That Changed My Life (2007 TV Series)
Episode: I Went to War (2010)
These stars saw their lives change when they went to war. Alec Baldwin became a hunky leading man after "The Hunt For Red October" exploded at the box office. Christoph Waltz invaded Hollywood with an Oscar-winning turn in "Inglourious Basterds." And Martin Sheen suffered a heart attack trying to bring "Apocalypse Now" to the screen.
25. The 3 Minute Update (2012 TV Series)
Episode: September 1, 2013 (2013)
HOLLYWOOD- Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria have welcomed their first child together and hits a photographer, what a week! Kris Jenner's show on FOX has been canceled. SPORTS- Seven time All-Star Tracy McGrady has announced his retirement from the NBA. Plus see who won and lost this week in MLB! BUSINESS-George Lucas invested $10 million in the coffee chain Starbucks. Plus Sony Pictures just took on public relations crisis specialist Charles Sipkins to head up its communications department. FASHION- Abercrombie & Fitch Co, American Eagle Outfitters and Aeropostale are struggling! TECHNOLOGY- Vine and Instagram, competing video sharing apps, experienced blackouts at the same time. Plus a new report says Motorola is spending $221 per smartphone to make the Moto X GAMING- Fullbright Company is discussing the possibility of bringing Oculus Rift support to its recently released GONE HOME. Plus PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2 is undergoing a major update.
26. The 3 Minute Update (2012 TV Series)
Episode: January 3, 2014 (2014)
ENTERTAINMENT Top Celebrity Scandals of 2013: Mike Tyson's Stalker/Alleged Mistress Gets Slammed! Alec Baldwin Loses His Late Night Talk Show! Lamar Odom Disciplined for August DUI. Did Robin Thicke Plagiarize Marvin Gaye? Miley Wasn't Thinking! SPORTS Top Boxing Stories of 2013: Pacquiao Beats Rios, Unanimous Decision. Fighting for the UFC light heavyweight championship see if Jon Jones retained his belt against Alexander Gustafsson. Boxer Dies Following Fight. Mike Tyson's return to the world of boxing. Manny Pacquiao Still Wins After Losing. GAMING Top Next Gen Gaming Stories of 2013: Destiny's Multiplayer development. Killzone Shadow Fall now available by season pass. Why is Titanfall Being Exclusive? Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will make use of Kinect. Battlefield 4 More Popular on PlayStation. TECHNOLOGY More Top Life Changing Tech of 2013: Ford's Autonomous Car in Development. Exo Marks the Spot for the Paralyzed. New GPS bullet tracks criminals. 3D Printing Revolutionizes Neuroscience Studies. In-home Imax! FASHION More Top Fashion Model Stories of 2013: Buffalo Bitton Picks Kate Young. Model Cara Delevingne Continues Her Acting Career! Next Model's new star Mollie King. Blurred Lines' Topless Model is New Star of Rag & Bone. Angel Candice Chosen to Wear Victoria Secret's Fantasy Bra! BUSINESS Top Must Knows of 2013: No Credit Check Required For Jobs. Social Security Process Benefits For Gay Couples. Amazon Has An Unadvertised Policy. FCC May Allow Cell Phone Use During Flight. US Economy Boosts Job Market.
27. The 3 Minute Update (2012 TV Series)
Episode: November 27, 2013 (2013)
ENTERTAINMENT Obama Speaks at Dreamworks Campus. Alec Baldwin looses His Late Night Talk Show! Public Outcry Over the Death of Family Guy's Animated Dog. Anchorman 2 Cast Sing at the Australian Premiere. "Jaws" Actor Takes a Bite Out of Mental Health Stigma. GAMING Video Games Boost Skills. Gran Turismo 6 Goes Live. Space Hulk Arrives On iPad. Playstation 3 Adds Quello. U-Verse And Xbox 360 Break Up. SPORTS Football Roof Stadium Collapses in Brazil! Headlines: A-Rod Calls Selig A Coward. NHL Faces Class Action Lawsuit. Troubled College Athletes Up For The Home Depot College Football Awards. Ski Champion Sarah Teelow Dies in a Sydney Race. Roof Collapses At The World Cup Stadium in Brazil. TECHNOLOGY Touch Notebooks Not Growing In Popularity. Apple Makes A Change To App Store. Google Street View Covers Airports and Train Stations. Digital Device Wakes Up Taste Buds. Workout Clothes Track Muscles. FASHION Lunch At Tiffany's with The Who's Who! 30 Designers Collaborate to Make Holiday Ornaments for a Cause. Hot Topics Selling Anchorman Gear. IMG Supermodels On A Rampage. Raf Simons Auctions Ceramic Collection. BUSINESS Diplomats Fail In Free-Trade Deal Agreement. Home Prices On The Rise. Sony Working On "Smartwig." Sears Canada Hands Out Pink Slips. Amazon Offers Deals On Everything.
28. The 3 Minute Update (2012 TV Series)
Episode: July 29, 2013 (2013)
HOLLYWOOD UPDATE- Johnny Depp to retire?! Lindsay Lohan on her road to recovery is saying goodbye to her bad friends! Plus Alec Baldwin's daughter, Ireland may share her father's distaste for the paparazzi. SPORTS UPDATE- Miami Heat have set their sights on center Greg Oden while Dwayne Wade files an emergency motion that is ex-wife undergoes a psychological exam! Plus John Isner beat South African, Kevin Anderson in the final of the Atlanta Open. TECHNOLOGY UPDATE-The famous computer hacker made ATMs spit out cash, Barnaby Jack has died! Twitter has been under fire in the UK for the amount of rape threats freelance journalist Caroline Criado-Perez has received! Plus Expedia shares fell 25 percent! GAMING UPDATE- HALO: SPARTAN ASSAULT is now available to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users on Verizon. Gearbox Software just revealed details about the 5th BORDERLANDS 2 DLC that is in the works! Plus ASSASSIN'S CREED VI modern day version of the game could happen!
29. Big Urban Myth Show (2002 TV Series)
Episode: Episode #1.2 (2003)
Did Tom Green really go to a Bar Mitzvah dressed as Adolf Hitler (and did he lose his job at MTV because of that)? Is it true that some people hide in wheel wells to illegally immigrate to other countries? Will shaving make your hair grow faster or stronger? Which pop singer always uses a police escort when going to (perform at) a concert, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or Shakira (answer to the viewer poll question of the previous episode)? Did Eddie Vedder and Alec Baldwin really say they'd leave the U.S. if Bush Jr. won the election? Does it really lead to a water shortage when millions of people go to the toilet at the same time during half-time of Super Bowl? Will a microwave oven explode if you put a fork in it? Three photos are shown, one that shows a very tall woman, one that shows a shark attacking a man who climbs up a rope ladder to a helicopter, and one that shows a cat with deformed legs. Which of the three is not a fake? Is it true that a man ordered a call girl and when she arrived, it was his own daughter? Do Twinkies really last ten years or even forever? Did Keith Richards have all of his blood exchanged to get rid of his drug addiction?
30. Private Screenings (1995 TV Series)
Episode: Robert Osborne (2014)
In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Turner Classic Movies and its on-air host Robert Osborne, guest host Alec Baldwin sits down with Osborne to discuss his life and career. Osborne recounts his lifelong passion for movies, from his childhood in Colfax, Washington, to his brief acting career in Hollywood and his later work as an entertainment journalist and television personality, before joining TCM when it launched in 1994. He tells of his friendships with stars like Lucille Ball (with whom he was under contract) and Olivia de Havilland. A mix of luck and destiny steered his career path, Osborne says, leading him to a job perfectly suited to his talents but which hadn't even existed when he started out as an amateur film historian. Clips are shown of Osborne's early acting roles on TV and in commercials, as well as highlights from his appearances on Dinah Shore's 1970s talk show and a segment from a 1980s interview he did with Lana Turner. A montage of Osborne's TCM intros covers his tenure at the cable network, along with select highlights from his "Private Screenings" interviews and his "Essentials" discussions with co-host Alec Baldwin. Throughout the program, friends pay tribute to Robert Osborne with kind words and heartfelt messages of appreciation.
31. A Roundabout Road to Broadway (2016 TV Movie)
NBC's "A Roundabout Road to Broadway" chronicles Roundabout Theatre Company's 50-year history and road to success, revealing the artistic leaps of faith along the way - from producing plays out of a supermarket basement, to battling bankruptcy, to becoming one of New York's most reputable cultural institutions. Directed by Andrew Lawton and hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, the film features never-before-seen interviews with Alec Baldwin, Laura Benanti, Matthew Broderick, Kristin Chenoweth, Alan Cumming, Adam Driver, Jake Gyllenhaal, Stephen Karam, Jane Krakowski, Frank Langella, Audra McDonald, Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, Christopher Plummer and many more.
32. Robert Osborne's 20th Anniversary Tribute (2015 Documentary)
Under the impression that he'll be participating in a Q&A session with the audience at the 2014 TCM Classic Film Festival, Robert Osborne is surprised onstage by host Alex Trebek, who introduces a string of special guests who've come to pay tribute to the man who's been the face of Turner Classic Movies for its entire twenty-year history. Surprise guests include Osborne's close friends Diane Baker, Eva Marie Saint, Robert Wagner and Jill St. John, his former "The Essentials" co-host Alec Baldwin, TCM colleague Ben Mankiewicz, musician Michael Feinstein, and members of Osborne's own family.
33. TCM: Twenty Classic Moments (2014 Documentary)
To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Turner Classic Movies, host Ben Mankiewicz looks back on twenty memorable moments in the history of the cable network. The retrospective covers TCM's celebrated launch, with Ted Turner flipping a switch in Times Square and Robert Osborne introducing "Gone With the Wind" as the first film to be broadcast on the channel. The special also features highlights from TCM's original programming, including "Private Screenings" interviews with Mickey Rooney, Betty Hutton, and Liza Minnelli, "Guest Programmer" segments with Hugh Hefner, Cloris Leachman, Kermit the Frog, and TCM fans, and "The Essentials" discussions with Alec Baldwin. The first TCM Classic Film Festival was a milestone in TCM's history, leading to an annual tradition of memorable moments (interviews with stars like Luise Rainer and Kim Novak, a reunion of the cast of "Deliverance", etc.) and a variety of other fan experiences like the TCM Classic Cruise and the Classic Film Bus Tour. Other top moments include TCM host Robert Osborne's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, the discovery and restoration of six "lost" RKO films, Frank Mankiewicz setting the record straight about "Citizen Kane" with son Ben on a Father's Day segment, and the network's Peabody Award.
34. Up Late with Alec Baldwin (2013 TV Series)
Up Late with Alec Baldwin is a late-night talk show that aired on MSNBC hosted by Alec Baldwin. The series lasted five episodes and aired Fridays at 10 p.m. from October 11 to November 8, 2013, in a time-slot previously held by Lockup. Baldwin discussed current events and past experiences with various guests from news programs, politics, and the arts. The show used a multi-camera set-up. The set was fashioned after a New York City diner, and Baldwin conversed with his guests over coffee while sitting in a corner booth. The show began its run while the host was in the midst of a two-year contract with MSNBC's production arm, Universal Television. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Baldwin stated, "I'm going to do it for a year, and then we'll see what happens."
35. Pearl Harbor: Production Diary (2002 Documentary)
Divided into 10 vignettes dealing with effects sequences, concern scenes that appear during the attack on Pearl Harbor and behind the scenes footage of the filmmakers at work. Those identify various members of the crew and also offer some various elements of the production. We also occasionally find video insets in the bottom left of the screen; those offer things like raw daily footage, for example. A few split-screens appear as well to show both sides of a scene. Most of the segments end with the appropriate footage from the finished film. "Nurse Strafing" segment provides remarks from actors Sara Rue, Catherine Kellner, Kate Beckinsale, and Jennifer Garner. "Arizona Dive" features director Michael Bay, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, actor Ben Affleck and Department of Defense Project Officer Melissa Schuermann. "Doolittle Raid' includes those same folks as well as actor Alec Baldwin, first assistant director K.C. Hodenfield, executive producer Barry Waldman, Department of Defense Liaison Officer Philip Strub, and writer Randall Wallace.
36. TCM Spotlight: Pre-Code Classics (2014 Mini-Series)
Pre-Code Hollywood is generally considered to be the era in the American film industry between the introduction of sound in the late 1920s and the strict enforcement of the Motion Picture Production Code beginning in the mid-1930s. Films of this period included unflinching portrayals of such subject matter as sexuality, prostitution, illegal drug use, abortion and extreme violence. Without the interference of censors, law-breakers in the movies were often allowed to profit from their schemes, and fallen women became the heroines of many films. Gangster films were popular, and their protagonists were viewed with some sympathy despite their law-breaking ways. In a continuation of its popular "Friday Night Spotlight" franchise, TCM shines a light on this free-wheeling cinematic period, presenting a weekly 24-hour festival of pre-Code movies. Each Friday in September, Alec Baldwin and TCM host Robert Osborne will introduce the films airing in primetime. The collection, which includes a total of 67 movies, covers a wide range of genres and represents the output of all the major Hollywood studios of the era.
37. Godfather World (2008 Video)
This short presents notes from Joe Mantegna, Francis Ford Coppola, Sopranos creator David Chase, filmmakers William Friedkin, Guillermo del Toro, and Steven Spielberg, film critic Mick LaSalle, South Park co-creator Trey Parker, actors Steven Van Zandt, Richard Belzer, and Alec Baldwin, Take the Cannoli author Sarah Vowell, and The Godfadda Workout creator Seth Isler as they look at the way the Godfather films permeated pop culture. It boasts insights to so many movie and TV sequences influenced by the flicks collected all in one place.
38. We Eat Films (2009 TV Series)
Episode: The Oscars (2010)
The 82nd Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), honored the best films of 2009 and took place on March 7, 2010, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles beginning at 5:30 p.m. PST / 8:30 p.m. EST. The ceremony was scheduled well after its usual late-February date to avoid conflicting with the 2010 Winter Olympics.[7] During the ceremony, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented Academy Awards (commonly referred to as Oscars) in 24 categories. The ceremony, televised in the United States by ABC, was produced by Bill Mechanic and Adam Shankman. Actors Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin hosted the show. Martin hosted for the third time; he first presided over the 73rd ceremony held in 2001 and last hosted the 75th ceremony held in 2003. Meanwhile, this was Baldwin's first Oscars hosting stint. This was also the first telecast to have multiple hosts since the 59th ceremony held in 1987.[8]
39. Orphans: Live (2015 Video)
Act II Scene 4: Phillip comes back home in North Philadelphia after one day adventure of seeing the world and streets of Philly for the first time in years. He's been trapped and lied by his older, violent and thug brother, Treat all over the years. Lyle Kessler's play Orphans has been an international success in almost every country in the world since its Steppenwolf Theater Production in Chicago and New York. Albert Finney starred in London's West End production. Orphans was produced on Broadway in March 2013, starring Alec Baldwin, Tom Sturridge and Ben Foster, directed by Dan Sullivan.
40. The Weekly Comet (2011 TV Series)
Episode: The Heavy, Guilt, Matthew Sullivan (2012)
Grammy nominated music supervisor Matt Sullivan talks "Rock of Ages" covering everything from Tom Cruise belting out "Pour Some Sugar" on me, the secret behind the monkey named "Hey Man," why the strip bar scene was a sound effect challenge, and they the Twister Sister/Jefferson Starship mash-up is one of the biggest songs in the film! Plus, Matt has a BIG cameo in the movie. "Rock of Ages," directed by Adam Shankman, stars Julianne Hough, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Mary J. Blige with cameos by Sebastian Bach, Kevin Cronin and Debbie Gibson. Click here for more info. San Diego hipsters The Heavy Guilt take the stage and blow the lid off of The Weekly Comet studio, even breaking a tambourine in the process. The band discuss funding their second album, "In the Blood," via Kickstarter, how they formed, and where their name comes from.
41. Orphans: A Live Tribute! (2015 Video)
Act II Scene 4: Phillip comes back home in North Philadelphia after one day adventure of seeing the world and streets of Philly for the first time in years. He's been trapped and lied by his older, violent and thug brother, Treat all over the years. Lyle Kessler's play Orphans has been an international success in almost every country in the world since its Steppenwolf Theater Production in Chicago and New York. Albert Finney starred in London's West End production. Orphans was produced on Broadway in March 2013, starring Alec Baldwin, Tom Sturridge and Ben Foster, directed by Dan Sullivan.
42. Pearl Harbor: Boot Camp (2002 Documentary)
Divided in two segments that examine the training given to the actors. "Soldiers' Boot Camp" looks at the experiences of Josh Hartnett, Ben Affleck, and Ewan Bremner as well as some of the other actors. In this piece, we see raw footage of the camp as the drill sergeant bosses around the performers. "Officers' Boot Camp" focuses on Alec Baldwin and follows Baldwin as he goes through various war game activities.
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