4 titles.

1. Ray Donovan (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Rattus Rattus (2016)
Ray, hoping his deal with Hector will be his family's salvation, learns that Sonia has turned over incriminating evidence to FBI agent Frank Barnes. Ray is forced to wear a wire, but decides to play the Russian mob off the FBI, but things take a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, Mickey's attempt to cash in on the big fight leads him to a discovery that could help Ray against both sides.
2. Ray Donovan (2013 TV Series)
Episode: Dogwalker (2017)
Ray cleans up Natalie's mess. At home, however, he struggles to reconnect with his family and complete anger management. Unable to reach Maureen, Terry visits Conor at military school. A surprise visit from Frank Barnes threatens to sink Mickey back into a life of violence. Bunchy happens upon the business opportunity of a lifetime to provide for Teresa and Maria.
3. Unstoppable (2010)
Will Colson is starting a new job as a train conductor for the railroad. He is assigned to work with Frank Barnes a veteran train engineer. Initially there's some tension between them. Later a train that is carrying chemicals is running with no one controlling it. It is feared that if it stops or crashes into a populated area it could disastrous. Connie, an exec suggests derailing it but the man in charge refuses to do that on account of what it will cost. When attempts to stop it fail, there's fear of what they can do. But when Frank and Will have a close call with it, Frank decides to stop it themselves by coupling on to it. Will is not sure about it but sticks with Frank.
In Pennsylvania, one engineer is maneuvering a train in the yard and accidentally leaves the train operating without the pneumatic brakes engaged. The operation department initially believes it is a coaster but soon the operators realize that the unmanned train is running on full power. Further, it is carrying dangerous chemicals and diesel in the cargo wagons. There are many unsuccessful attempts to stop the runaway train and the veteran engineer Frank Barnes and the young conductor Will Colson decide to take the chance to reduce the speed of the train with the most unlikely operation.
4. Mad (2010 TV Series)
Episode: RiOa/Thomas the Unstoppable Tank Engine (2011)
After hearing that it gives the power to fly, Blu steals the ring from Hal Jordan, gets sent to Oa, and makes up a team of flightless birds so he can save Jewel from Nigel and Marcel. Thomas the Tank Engine doesn't have any brakes and can't stop going around the Island of Sodor. So it's up to Frank Barnes and Percy to help stop him from crashing.
4 titles.