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1. Crazy Heart (2009)
Fifty-seven year old Otis Blake - better known by his stage name Bad Blake - is a minor legend as a country & western singer. But that minor legend status only allows him currently to perform in not even B-rate venues such as bowling alleys, although he does have a standing gig to perform at his friend Wayne Kramer's bar in Houston. Bad is an overweight, chain-smoking alcoholic. He is informed by a doctor that his self-destructive lifestyle will send him to an early grave. This self-destructive behavior has also led to several failed marriages and a grown son who he has not seen since he was aged four and whose current whereabouts Bad does not know. While performing in Santa Fe, Bad meets newspaper journalist Jean Craddock, who wants to do a piece on him for her newspaper. Despite the differences in their ages, Jean and Bad begin a relationship. Jean and her four year old son Buddy are the closest thing Bad has had to a family in quite some time. Bad's professional career also takes a turn when he reconnects with a more famous former touring partner named Tommy Sweet, who wants Bad to write some songs for him. What looks to be both a promising professional and personal future for Bad may be jeopardized by his long standing self-destructive lifestyle.
2. Kike Turmix (2005 Documentary)
This is a short and incomplete tale about the Basque rock icon from Madrid - Kike Turmix - Lead vocal in the notorious punk band the Pleasure Fuckers, who made it to the US and toured the new and the old world in a blistering state of "Hate, drunkenness and vandalism" back in the '80s and '90s. Get with it people this is what originally was referred to as a cult band. A personal friend of Wayne Kramer (MC5), Dee Dee, Joey (The Ramones), Johnny Thunders, The Dictators...to mention a few. Amongst rock musicians in Scandinavia Kike is a legend for his love for everything "bad", releasing their records, and for setting up wild tours in Spain. Safety Pin Records was one of the last truthful independent labels making kick ass rock'n roll records. On the sideline of the big business record industry Kike put together three "Riot on the Rocks" compilations consisting of mostly Scandinavian bands...and for the rest of Europe...well plenty of records with some of the greatest street bands of the era, "All punk must rock all rock must punk".
3. The Beast and the Angel (2012 Documentary)
Wayne Kramer, founder of the revolutionary band The MC5: Kramer, renowned guitarist and long time addict who served prison time in his 20s becomes clean and sober at age 50, genuinely changing his life through hard-core service.
Wayne Kramer founded the hugely influential band The MC5, a band widely credited with starting the Punk Rock movement in the 60's. He fell into a life of drug and alcohol addiction and at age 24 did prison time for selling cocaine. His two years in a correctional facility in Lexington KY had a giant impact on him and his view of the inhumanity of our prison system. At age 50 he became clean and sober and through his growing belief in service, he and his wife Margaret founded, the US branch of the organization Jail Guitar Doors, which brings guitars and music into prisons as a tool for rehabilitating inmates.
3 titles.